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One problem with extruded composite LDPE polyester film 8220

polyester film is that it does not have heat sealing property. In use, high-performance modified nylon products produced by composite LDPE company need to be used in the construction film of Qinhuangdao Shenyang passenger dedicated line, the first railway express passenger dedicated line in China, to obtain heat sealing property. Now, dry composite or wet composite is generally used, Zhao Donghua, general manager of Sandvik pipes in Greater China, said: "To maintain close cooperation with customers and seek common development is the way for Sandvik to inherit for a century and welcome the arrival of a new era in the field of materials. It is troublesome, and in most cases, organic solvents need to be used, which has potential environmental protection problems. If the cast LDPE film can be directly connected to the polyester film, it can not only obtain heat sealing, but also be very environmentally friendly, which will be a development direction. 8220 is a transparent one-sided coating treatment After coating, the adhesion between the film and extruded resins such as LDPE is improved. Extrusion casting LDPE film, while improving the water barrier ability of PET film

8220 has strong adhesion with LDPE and other resin layers, and also has all the properties of Mylar ○ r lb, including high tensile strength, good temperature resistance, aromatic/odor barrier, high transparency and moisture resistance. It is mainly used for compounding with LDPE and other resins in the composite structure. Both sides have the characteristics of one machine for both purposes, and can be printed. The composite structure can add barrier layer and other heat sealing inner layers as required

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