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Mobile Internet innovation puts forward new requirements for CRM software

the mobile Internet Innovation Conference (MIIC), jointly hosted by business value magazine and titanium media, has been successfully held for five times, and the sixth session will be held from July 15 to 16, 2016. Over the past six years, the MIIC conference has been the most important super event in the Internet field every summer, and has also witnessed the most vigorous changes in mobile Internet in the past six years. The 6th mobile and entrepreneurs only need to share a part of the capital. The Internet Innovation Conference 2016miic was launched with the main line of technology reversal and the theme of restarting innovation

I was lucky to participate in this midsummer Internet carnival. On the first day, there were more than 1200 people on the scene, and there were many friends standing behind the venue to listen to the meeting. The grand occasion greatly exceeded our expectations. Although it passed early in the morning, it unfortunately entered the standing list ~ but it was worth it

today, the traditional enterprises mentioned in the industry reversal module of the first link are increasingly showing strong competitiveness in this round of Internet tide. Talk about the new requirements for CRM industry in the new era. As for the sharing of industrial reversals, agent Zhang, the leader of the red collar group in the traditional garment manufacturing industry, is a guest of honor for major local governments and Chinese manufacturing enterprises, and is also a model enterprise for China's industrial transformation that has repeatedly been broadcast on the Internet

the mass customization mode that red collar group spent 10 years to build has overturned everyone's traditional understanding of manufacturing. He said that he wanted to rebuild the suit industry. In the past 10 years, red collar has accumulated more than 2million customized version data from customers, including version, style, process and design data. The modeling and printing process of suit data involves many details. The change of one data will drive the synchronous change of 9666 data at the same time. Zhang agent provided a c2m perspective, realizing the direct connection between users and factories, removing all intermediate circulation price increases, connecting designers and manufacturers, and providing users with top-quality, civilian price, personalized and exclusive goods. C2m mode also subverts the traditional retail thinking from factory to user. Production and manufacturing are driven by user demand. Through the reverse order of e-commerce platform, the factory will produce as much as the user orders, completely eliminating the inventory cost of the factory. The cost of the factory is reduced, and the cost of users' purchasing products naturally decreases

guided by this idea, let's take a look at the proposal for CRM software 2 Metal: 1. New requirements for wear resistance testing of special materials such as bearings and guide rails:

first, complete flattening management

cut off redundant links. The first step is to achieve flattening management, so that the boss can directly access the front-line business data. This requires that CRM software has the function of collecting front-line business data, which is not only as simple as the basic information of customers. We may make contact with customers in various forms, such as, email, SMS, etc., especially when it comes to business data collection. At present, xtools' CRM has a message gathering function, which is quite good in this aspect, and realizes the automatic collection function of all communication data. Let managers have direct access to the data of front-line business

second, real-time collection of business data

the timeliness requirements for data are reflected in the fact that on the one hand, it can improve the work efficiency of the team, on the other hand, it can also greatly improve customer satisfaction. Therefore, modern teams, especially those with field staff or stores, have a very high demand for mobile software. Now many CRM manufacturers have launched end-to-end products. This trend is still right, but at present, more emphasis is placed on the part of basic information collection and collaborative office. In fact, there is another key point of mobile CRM, which is the in-depth management of business, such as order management, direct order placement in the store by shopping guides, or direct order placement by field personnel in customers. The timely transmission of order data can significantly improve the efficiency of subsequent goods preparation and delivery. As agent Zhang mentioned earlier, the timely collection and transmission of orders also greatly reduces the cost of enterprise operation

third, the improvement of service response speed

caller bounce screen. This function is mostly reflected in the call center system. The actual situation is that not all teams need a call center, so it is necessary to reflect this function in CRM. After all, every team needs C America to survive the debt storm RM! Xtools' message gathering function mentioned above directly integrates the function of calling bounce screen, which can directly pop screen to display customer information, the last communication record and other key information, without repeatedly asking customers about their situation

on the other hand, it involves the need for on-site maintenance and other links. If you can quickly dispatch work orders according to personnel positioning, you can not only significantly improve the response speed of services, but also effectively plan the human resources of the team and reduce costs. This requirement is still relatively missing in many CRM software at present

to sum up, CRM software, especially on the mobile end, also needs to do more function optimization on the depth and breadth of business management that can export Excel files, not just through simple collaborative office work. After all, these can be achieved in. The real value and significance of CRM lies in contributing to the business improvement of the team, so it seems that CRM manufacturers still have a long way to go

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