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China Mobile made 345million daily income last year, and Wang Jianzhou expected to retire this year

compared with 2010, the 2011 Annual Report released by China Mobile yesterday showed that the growth rate of both revenue and net profit was slightly accelerated, but it seemed premature to assert that "the hardest days of China Mobile have passed", and it seemed to be connected to the power supply (this machine is a 3-phase 4-wire system)

the annual report shows that China Mobile's operating revenue increased by 8.8% to 527.999 billion yuan, and its net profit increased by 5.2% to 125.870 billion yuan. In 2010, the growth rates of revenue and net profit were 7.3% and 3.9% respectively

the scale of users is still expanding steadily. Among them, the scale of 3G users exceeded 51million, with a market share of more than 40%

Li Yue, general manager of China Mobile, said at the meeting after the performance release that China Mobile's 3G network is widely used, and the utilization rate in the transportation field is low. The utilization rate was 9.9% in 2010, increased to 13.8% last year, and the target this year is to increase to 15%. Only by improving the utilization rate can the 3G business return increase

at the same time, China Mobile has increased its subsidies from 17.2 billion yuan last year to 20billion yuan this year, 90% of which will be subsidized on TD. According to Li Yue's prediction, China Mobile will develop more than 30million TD users this year

the rapid growth of wireless business is still the main engine of revenue growth. The annual report shows that the proportion of data business income has risen to 26, and they have a total of six combinations 4%, especially the wireless business revenue increased by 45.0%

SMS, once an important driving force of China's mobile data business, has slowed down significantly. The SMS revenue in 2011 was 46.462 billion yuan, down from 46.889 billion yuan in 2010; The proportion in total revenue also decreased from 10.6% in 2009 to 9.7% in 2010 and only 8.8% in 2011

however, revenues from wireless music, wireless email, reading and video increased significantly, by 7.8%, 59.6%, 153.8% and 136.0% respectively

recently, China Mobile has announced that its deputy general manager Lu Xiangdong is assisting the judicial authorities in the investigation because of suspected economic problems. Yesterday, China Mobile announced that Lu Xiangdong had resigned as executive director and deputy general manager of China Mobile

at the same time, the retirement of Wang Jianzhou, chairman of China Mobile, has also attracted attention. Wang Jianzhou said that as of this year, he has exceeded the retirement age. Therefore, for him, he is ready to retire within this year, but the specific time should be decided by the listed company. It is understood that after Wang Jianzhou's retirement, Xi Guohua, Secretary of the Party group and vice chairman of the board, will take over the post of chairman

attached table China Mobile 2011 Annual Report data

source: this newspaper collates

operating income 5279.99 increased by 8.8%

net profit 1258.70 increased by 5.2%

business with larger income growth

Wireless Music wireless email reading video

increased by 7.8% increased by 59.6% increased by 153.8% increased by 136.0%

SMS business income decline

proportion of SMS income in total income

in 2011, the international influence of green manufacturing concept continued to expand 464 62 8.8%

468.89 9.7% in 2010

unit: 100 million yuan first finance and Economics

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