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In the era of mobile Internet, the development of cloud computing technology and mobile Internet has brought an unprecedented change to all walks of life. Cloud computing has turned the Internet into a ubiquitous information platform, and the rapid development of mobile Internet technology has also made the mobile cloud a key for enterprises to solve the problems of cost, management, security, efficiency and so on. During the 2014 Internet Conference, Shi Yanze, CEO of the founder of salesease, said: Mobile Internet is a revolution, not an extension of PC. therefore, salesease has endowed CRM with mobile, social, user and Internet attributes. The core and essence are product interconnection, experience interconnection and operation interconnection

mobile Internet detonates the enterprise application market

in the PC era, many bosses basically don't use computers. They basically lie on Weibo every day to share all kinds of things, and even manage the implementation of the company. Now, by selling the easy intelligent terminal, they can use the fragmented time to grasp all the sales performance progress of the company, and even everyone's sales situation anytime and anywhere

Shi Yanze, the founder of sales easy, added that the CRM software in the PC era did not take into account the long-term characteristics of salespeople. When salespeople need support outside every day, their rigidity will become very good if they can't get support. They must go home or open the CRM software when they don't need help anymore. Now mobile Internet allows salespeople to carry all their knowledge and information about the company, customers and customers in their bags, which are weighted by the market value of free circulation. In this way, a lot of things can be done by using fragment time in the working process. CRM in the era of mobile Internet can greatly improve the efficiency of enterprise sales management and bring many benefits to enterprise applications. Shi Yanze, the mobile CRM who knows sales best, said that salespeople and sales executives are mobile, so they pay very high attention to mobile, and sales Yi is to provide mobile support for these people. Sales Yi has been developing software along the demands of sales and sales management. With the development, the municipal biological composite material project includes the use of straw and other biological materials as raw materials to form biological composite materials. On the surface, many companies develop simple tool products, while for sales, the software is only a tool to help the scientific sales management to land. On the 18th, the domestic billet market has not changed its weak operation. On top of the tools, we also need to build a sales system to achieve software delivery and improve sales efficiency and performance. The experience of sales and sales management should be passed on to customers. Shiyanze, the founder of salesease, once held senior sales management positions in multinational IT enterprises such as SAP, Cisco and Dell for many years. Salesease fundamentally has a sales spirit, so salesease understands sales best

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