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With the rapid development of the mobile Internet market, tourism application models are showing diversification

ctiforum news on May 18 (Ouyang): according to the statistics of enfodesk Analysys think tank, the number of mobile Internet users has exceeded 400million by the end of 2011, and the market size in 2011 reached 86.2 billion. As a tourism industry closely combined with mobile Internet, the rapid growth of mobile Internet market and the popularity of intelligence have brought great development opportunities for tourism

Analysys analysis:

enfodesk Analysys think tank found that tourism enterprises continue to innovate on the mobile end, and various tourism applications show diversified development

1. Ticket booking and service application: Based on the continuation of online OTA mode, tourism manufacturers have launched inquiry and reservation applications related to providing air tickets, scenic spot tickets and train tickets. Among them, there are the most kinds of applications with ticket query and reservation functions, including traditional OTA enterprises represented by Ctrip and elong, and vertical search applications represented by qunar. Unlike the Internet, there are flights like flight stewards that are applicable to gb60335/gb4706 information query service applications, which well meet the query needs of tourists in the mobile Internet environment. In addition, discounted scenic spot tickets are also one of the main functions of various tourism applications. With the recent increase in scenic spot ticket prices, such applications will be popular with more tourists. The main manufacturers include tuniu and donkey mother. In addition to air tickets and scenic spot tickets, some applications have added train timetable and train ticket query functions

2. Hotel and daily rental reservation application: different from online hotel reservation, the hotel reservation on the mobile terminal integrates the location service function, so as to better meet the reservation needs of users in the mobile Internet environment. At the same time, the mobile terminal has also launched discount promotion models such as tonight's hotel special price and hotel group purchase, which not only brings more discounts to consumers, but also helps the hotel with a long experimental cycle solve the problem of house vacancy in the off-season. In addition to the traditional hotel reservation, the application of short rent has become a new hot spot this year. Due to the growing number of self-help tourists and backpackers, more and more tourists choose to rent houses around the scenic spot when traveling. First, they can effectively reduce costs, second, they can enjoy more facilities and larger space than hotels at the same price, and third, they can experience some characteristic houses and better enjoy local culture. Therefore, short rent platform applications represented by ant short rent are attracting more and more attention

3. Tourism routes and interactive sharing applications: there are three kinds of tourism routes applications. One is for the purpose of tourism and vacation product marketing. Users can browse the introduction of various tourism and vacation routes and finally complete the booking consumption. Such applications are mainly for users with relatively clear travel needs. The second is an application based on the introduction of various scenic spots, in which a large number of pictures and introductions of scenic spots will be collected, mainly to meet the purpose of users' leisure and entertainment, and such applications are currently in the stage of user accumulation. The third is the application that mainly promotes the interactive sharing function. The content in the application is created by tourists themselves and added with the comment function, such as the sharing of tourism strategies, which makes users more viscous and active. The successful representative of such applications is Mafeng. At present, Mafeng has launched vertical applications in this field, such as tourism strategy, traveller's travel notes, tourism translation, etc

research description

the industrial analysis provided by enfodesk Analysys think tank is mainly based on the industrial macro data, end-user quarterly survey data, manufacturer historical data and manufacturer quarterly business monitoring information, using Analysys industrial analysis model, combined with market research, industry research and manufacturer research methods, which mainly reflects the current situation, trends, inflection points and laws of the market, And the development status of manufacturers

enfodesk Analysys think tank believes that the data obtained by the above industrial research methods can accurately reflect the trend and change law of the industry within the accepted error range of the industry

the research results obtained through professional research methods are intended for decision-making reference. Please check the financial report issued by the manufacturer for the actual data of the manufacturer

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