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Mobile Feixin Enterprise Edition launched the batch management function of employee information

in order to manage the massive information of enterprise employees more efficiently, enterprise Feixin specially launched the customized batch upload function of employee information. Through this function, the enterprise can use its own employee information list for management without using the template provided by us, which reduces the workload of enterprise administrators and improves management efficiency

using the user-defined excel file to batch add employees, you can batch add employees at one time. Compared with the previously provided address book template, it is simpler, faster, flexible and efficient, and you can import employees in batches according to the actual situation of the enterprise

if you already have an employee Address Book Excel file containing employee name, number and other information, or you can export such an excel file through other employee information management systems, you can use the latest function provided by Feixin

find the entry to upload custom Excel files

after providing comfortable, healthy and energy-saving green residential products and perfect green property services for more than 100000 owners according to the figure, you can enter the page to upload custom Excel files

note: both links marked in No. 3 are entries

first step upload custom excel file

1. It is found that

the request for the experimenter is not high. Please set it according to the prompt in the first step page of uploading the file. After uploading the file, you can click the "next" button for the second step. See the figure below:

note: upload the custom Address Book Excel file according to the employee quota configured at the time of application

unlimited file size, support xls . Xlxs format

the system will automatically read the file title divided into two compartment and three compartment transmission, and display all the title names (i.e. customized file titles) in the uploaded file in the list on the right side of the page. After corresponding to the system title on the left, click the "next" button to carry out the third step

note: the order of the customized file titles in the figure from top to bottom is the same as that of the uploaded excel file from left to right

the first three items of the system title are the fields that must select the corresponding relationship, and the others are optional

after setting the corresponding relationship between the system title and the user-defined file title through the second step, the system will display the employee data to be imported according to the previously set corresponding relationship and generate a list as shown in the following figure

if the information displayed in the list is correct, you can click the "import into address book" button to complete the operation of customizing the address book

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