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Mobile Internet is coming. Intelligent transportation is "forced" to upgrade.

at the fourth China International IOT conference held yesterday, experts and enterprise representatives called for more policies to promote its wide application. Zigzag experiments should be carried out at a temperature of 10 ℃ ~35 ℃

Mobile Internet is coming fiercely

intelligent transportation is forced to upgrade

in the face of the rapid development of mobile Internet, many fields of intelligent transportation, including car couplets, are being eroded by mobile Internet. In this context, at the fourth China International IOT conference held yesterday, experts and business representatives called for more policies to promote its wide application

as a well-known enterprise in the car service industry, Yu Shidong, technical director of its TS division, sighed that through the survey, people only stay at the conceptual level of car service. What is more surprising is that the whole car service era is in the first stage, that is, the navigation era

more insiders call on the car service industry to upgrade to version 2.0 to cope with the competition under the pressure of mobile Internet

mobile Internet erodes car service

Wu Zhongze, President of China Intelligent Transportation Association, pointed out at the IOT conference that China has promoted the development of intelligent transportation since the late 1990s, and has achieved remarkable results over the years. For example, electronic service system ETS is the only application with independent intellectual property rights in China at present, and has formed industrialization. So far, ETS has been opened in 26 provinces and cities across the country, with more than 3700 dedicated lanes and more than 6million users

Wu Zhongze also pointed out that although achievements have been made, there are still some problems in the development of intelligent transportation in China, which are mainly manifested in the following aspects: the concept of intelligent transportation development needs to be changed and improved, the mechanism of market promotion is relatively lacking, and the industrial chain and value chain of intelligent transportation have not really been formed

as an important part of intelligent transportation system, the dilemma encountered by car couplets is a typical example. Relevant data show that it must be pointed out that since 2007, China's automobile growth trend has shown explosive growth, from more than 56 million cars in 2007 to more than 120 million in 2012, with an increase of more than 200% in five years. In this context, the application and development of car service in the automotive field should be promising, but it can backfire

why does this happen? In fact, the mobile Internet has a great impact on the car service market. Fan Fangshu, passenger car planning manager of SAIC, said: for example, when car users use Apple's app navigation application, they are no longer willing to use the navigation equipment on the car. Such a development mode is a great impact on car couplets

according to the introduction, the car service generally includes three functions, navigation service, safety service, vehicle diagnosis, consulting service, etc

call on the government to issue supporting policies

for the bottleneck of intelligent transportation development, Wu Zhongze pointed out that at present, there are still problems of cooperation between departments in the development of intelligent transportation. How to integrate the industry and how to establish mechanisms in the future need to be solved at the government level

Yang Xiaoguang, director of the intelligent transportation system research center of Jinan University, agreed with the above view with the average reduction of more than 10% of each express packaging consumables. He further pointed out that China's intelligent transportation system is not short of international comparison, but it still can not form a good industrial chain. One of the important reasons is that the development of the industry requires the government and Industry Alliance, Explore a feasible mode

in response to the above, at the conference, a private enterprise representative said in confusion that we are at a loss now. We have a product that can reduce the frequency of drivers by more than 80%, which can greatly reduce traffic accidents, but the problem is that we don't know how to cooperate with the government

in this regard, Zhu Tong, the project director of the Third Research Institute of the Ministry of public security, pointed out that in view of the current problems encountered in the field of intelligent transportation, the state is formulating 14 relevant standards and 2 industry standards

enterprise representatives brainstorm

while calling on the government to introduce relevant supporting policies, some enterprise representatives also put forward their own research and comparison, and put forward the strategy of differentiated competition of car service. Among them, the view of SAIC Group is more representative

fan Fangshu, passenger car planning manager of SAIC Group, pointed out that the company has long realized that the development of mobile Internet will have a great impact on car service, which in turn has promoted the company's discussion and Thinking on the business model of future development

after studying the comparative analysis mode and the embedded on-board mode, fan Fangshu pointed out that the advantage of the mode is that it has low cost, integrates the mobile Internet, and can quickly connect to realize the corresponding mode, while the on-board mode has high development and communication costs, but its advantage is that it can better integrate some public information and improve service and security

on the other hand, in the context of the sharp increase in user data volume of mobile Internet, differentiated competition is particularly important. Fan Fangshu put forward three suggestions

first, the development of on-board system can be differentiated in technology upgrading. Because the system in the car is relatively closed, the voice system is particularly important for on-board vehicles. Through cooperation with iFLYTEK, the company has developed intelligent voice recognition in noisy cars to significantly improve. Different from the mobile Internet voice system, it pays more attention to convenience and effectiveness, while the on-board system pays more attention to its driving safety

second, differentiation is achieved through CAN-bus vehicle sharing control technology, which includes comprehensive fuel consumption analysis, computer diagnosis system, etc. Third, realize differentiation through functional development. For example, the on-board system has obvious advantages in the automotive terminal, and can be added with dash cam, video interaction, blind spot monitoring, etc

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