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The mobile iPhone 4S "signal gate" will have a solution

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users who are deeply troubled by the mobile iPhone 4S "signal gate" may be able to wait for a solution this month. This morning, we learned from apple and China Mobile that an updated IOS software will be released in Chinese Mainland early this month, which can solve the signal problem of the mobile iPhone 4S

the signal can't be hit when it's full

entering the office building, although the signal shows full, it can't be answered; At home in the urban area, the signal is also very unstable. I am often told by my friends that "calling you shows that I can't connect". After getting the mobile version of the iPhone 4S, Mr. Huo, a citizen, had a headache. He was so worried about the signal problem that he got angry, "it's too delaying work."

among the "fruit fans" using China Mobile iPhone 4S, there are a group of anxious users like Mr. Huo. Previously, the "signal door" of China Mobile's iPhone 4S was broken, and some users found that the iPhone 4S could not be activated normally by using the mobile SIM card, or the signal was often unstable or the signal was full but could not be received

the mobile version needs to be upgraded

in this regard, the relevant telecom technology experts explained that technically, there is a problem with the GSM chip of the Bank of China iPhone 4S, which only supports the P-band of MHz and does not support the E-band of MHz, but the GSM of China Mobile is supported by both E and P bands. Therefore, when the iPhone 4S is in the GSM with only E-band (mostly used for indoor coverage), there will be no signal or a signal can not be called out, Only when returning to the coverage area of P-band (mostly used outdoors, which is also the standard frequency band with the widest coverage of ITU of the International Telecommunication Union), can there be a signal again

since then, Apple has upgraded the version of the mobile iPhone 4S delivered after February 8, 2012, and solved the problem of not supporting some frequency bands. However, the iPhone 4S, which was delivered before February 8, 2012, has not been solved, but because it is a 1-dimensional quantum material solution perfectly connected by a hexagonal structure

in this regard, I asked Apple's official customer service this morning. The customer service staff replied that they have been informed that Apple may release a new version of IOS in Chinese Mainland in early March, which includes the solution of China mobile signal. At that time, Apple users only need to update the software once, which should be able to solve the current "signal gate" problem. However, for the specific release time, the customer service staff said they would wait for the company's notice

The customer service staff of China Mobile 10086 also said that the iPhone 4S officially sold in Chinese Mainland that left the factory after February 8, 2012 has solved the problem of unable to call in some areas because it does not support some frequency bands, and the mobile iPhone 4S that left the factory before February 8, 2012 will also obtain the software upgrade provided by apple in early March. Once the latest version is available, mobile will notify Apple users by SMS as soon as possible. The relevant person in charge of Beijing Mobile also told that they attached great importance to the signal problem of iPhone 4S and were actively exploring solutions. If interested parties have needs, China Mobile will also actively cooperate

"from the 'antenna gate' of iPhone 4 to the 'signal gate' of iPhone 4S, in front of the strong apple 3 and the fast cooling speed, our already strong operators can do nothing." In the chat, an Apple user told him that he hoped that the IOS update they said would come out quickly and really solve the signal problem, "let others find me." Beijing Evening News

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