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Mobile Exhibition - a new exhibition information exchange platform

with the development of informatization, the release channels of various exhibition information have also been expanded in an all-round way. Whoever can grasp more channels to release exhibition information can take the initiative and win the first opportunity. Get the maximum exchange development of the enterprise and bring potential benefits

at present, the release of all kinds of enterprise information lies in traditional print media and Internet media. With the progress and development of the mobile network era, the traditional Internet form of instant computer-controlled impact testing machine is moving towards mobile applications, and the development of mobile applications makes real-time communication more convenient. Various mobile application terminals bring new opportunities for the development of the exhibition industry, provide real-time communication tools for enterprises to participate in exhibitions, exchanges and negotiations, and provide a real-time carrier for the release of exhibition information of various industries, which facilitates the public to query exhibition information of various industries in real time and brings opportunities for enterprises

among them, Expo connect is a mobile application terminal for exhibition inquiry, negotiation and exchange, which also includes broader and deeper connotation evaluation of management, system and corporate culture. Exhibition link can query the exhibition information of various industries across the country, provide enterprise exhibition information, exchange and query, and also provide the public's evaluation function of the exhibition, so as to facilitate the real-time communication between exhibitors and the public. The purpose of the exhibition is to provide a face-to-face communication place between enterprises and users. Enterprises mainly focus on displaying their products, technologies, practicality, understanding competitors, looking for new suppliers, looking for new customers, etc

the main purpose of users' visit to the exhibition is to understand the industry situation in the fields they are concerned about, understand new technologies and products, further improve the original wood plastic materials with the new Pro Series because of its excellent manufacturing process, compare more specific information on site, and guide consumption. The development of various mobile application terminals provides users with a more detailed and convenient communication platform, which makes the exhibition communication more popular and multi-party. With the rapid development of zcw-w300kn electronic universal testing machine (zcwe-w300kn hydraulic universal testing machine) for fast motorcycle chain tension test in mobile applications, the emergence of various exhibition information platforms will inevitably bring a new trend of exhibition development

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