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Mobile Internet + let the bullet curtain fly: the black technology behind the China three year conference

together, shine again, sing the same song together, and build our dreams -- the Spring Festival Gala of China three twin cities, which was staged in Beijing and Hangzhou last Friday, yielded a lot of laughter. However, I wonder if you have noticed that there is such a magical screen at the scene, which has been scrolling with New Year greetings (Dan) and blessings (MU) from three Chinese people all over the country. The total number of New Year greetings (Dan) and blessings (MU) throughout the day has exceeded 147690! What is the sacred support of such a powerful screen barrage

high energy ahead, please be prepared

it made its debut at the internal annual meeting of H3C. With a small blessing wall, which does not meet the requirements of the new national standard, carrying 140000 warm wishes, is the enterprise solution launched by H3C mobile it for enterprise users - Iwork, a real black technology that can support 100000 users and is still efficient and stable


together, make work more creative

of course, flying bullets on the site of the annual meeting is just a corner of the iceberg of many functions of Iwork. From the first day of its birth, it aims to create a fingertip work experience for users across the financial government, operators and enterprises, liberate work from cells and fixed devices, subvert tradition and move freely. Shorten the furthest distance in the world inside and outside the company to a small fingertip, and release powerful work energy gently


shine again and make work more interesting

as a black technology mobile IT solution for enterprise users, Iwork can not only closely connect enterprises and employees, employees and employees, as well as platforms and platforms, but also give full play to its distinctive enterprise user functions, so that mobile office can shine through Iwork

the unique enterprise service number function can be customized according to the business characteristics of each department of the enterprise to create a personalized business work experience. The workflow approval customized for enterprises breaks the bottleneck of the process and makes the office unimpeded; In addition, based on the deployment of enterprise private cloud, Iwork can seamlessly connect business systems, so that mobile office is not only superficial, but also deep into the core of the business. The lattice shop application in the second-hand market within the enterprise allows employees to experience the fun of shopping in the flea market on the full-active pressure testing machine anytime and anywhere; The circle of colleagues has expanded information sharing to renting houses and making friends. The change of information sources from 180 degrees to 360 degrees has changed employees from colleagues to friends, enterprises from companies to homes, and work and life follow their heart


together, shine again, Iwork makes you

fall in love with work! (Iwork)

Iwork, which works at the fingertips, has such comprehensive and sky high functions. It must take a lot of time to realize these functions, right? Just about to start sensational, I was beaten in the face by Iwork

because Iwork is based on mobile IT platform as a whole, the biggest feature such as mold filling speed is actually fast. It took only a week for the blessing wall app of the China triennial conference assisted by Iwork to be developed, deployed and launched. Indeed, in the era of mobile it, efficiency is the real willfulness

the small use of large-size jaws to hold small cross-section samples at the China three-year conference is only the beginning of Iwork, and the mobile it black technology of H3C has just begun. Please continue to be with H3C mobile it in 2016, and look forward to our success again

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