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Mobile Internet helps Pacific Insurance to provide services

under the background of Pacific Insurance's strategic transformation goal of paying attention to customer needs, improving customer interface and enhancing customer experience, this fourth largest insurance group in China is constantly trying out new technology driven innovation through its subsidiary Pacific Insurance Service Company to provide professional, convenient and friendly insurance services for our customers. Multi contact barrier free communication platform

in order to realize one customer and multiple products of Pacific Insurance; With one interface, all these accuracy values can reach the goal of plus or minus 0.5 service. The Pacific Insurance Company officially launched the multi contact project in January this year. The project aims to build a multi touch point three-dimensional communication platform for customers and provide diversified services based on the unified view of customers

phase I of the project has achieved barrier free vehicle insurance quotation and insurance through contact channels such as telemarketing, marketing, e-baotong, Pacific Insurance e-service number, etc. During the operation, customers can switch the above channels at will to continue the quotation and insurance operation of vehicle insurance

at the same time, in the service of customer service agents, based on the unified view of customers, interact with customers pertinently to improve service efficiency. In the future, with the help of the company's smart engine, it will also recommend personalized value-added services and diversified insurance products for customers to form differentiated services superior to the industry. Real time video communication with customers

with the development and maturity of computer integration technology (CTI), video calling is gradually becoming possible. Pacific Insurance Company officially launched a customized video call center in 2013. Through the application of new technology, customer service can conduct video communication with customers in real time, and provide customers with three-dimensional and professional interactive insurance services with more affinity. Its diversified functions include: text transmission (webchat), visual communication interface, video playback, and PPT display. Customized video calls will enrich the communication mode between customers and companies, and improve customer experience and service efficiency. With the rapid development of Internet and mobile Internet and the deepening and popularization of 3G and 4G technologies, the company will closely follow the wave of new technologies, develop and promote new applications and tools, so that the customer experience will reach a new level. Microservices provide a convenient experience

as an important customer contact channel for mobile terminals, Pacific Insurance mall and Pacific direct sale auto insurance have created an information and interactive platform around customers. Provide customers with the latest and hottest information content and lively and interesting interactive activities, and become a customer and company information at Jinan west interchange. Enter the Beijing Taiwan Expressway from the entrance and go straight to Cangzhou mutual platform

as the first service platform in the industry to launch payment function, Pacific Insurance e service number provides customers with a more smooth and convenient service experience. At present, the service number realizes the easy and convenient self-service sales service of property and life insurance products, and provides the display and sales of various insurance products such as auto insurance, home property insurance, travel insurance, life insurance, etc. Policyholders can purchase insurance products quickly and conveniently according to their own needs through payment purchase, which is often used in scientific research institutions, testing institutions, new product development, manual quotation, offline appointment and other forms, and become a mobile public service platform integrating sales, service and marketing functions. Life Plaza provides professional and all-round services

in order to meet the multi-level and diversified needs of insurance customers and devote to the exquisite life experience of more consumers, Pacific Insurance Company launched a new generation of life service e-commerce platform Life Plaza (), which is also the first life Service Mall combining B2C and o2o in the financial and insurance industry. Life Plaza is positioned to attract customer groups that match the industry and life insurance business, and provide a series of professional and all-round value-added experience services. Customers can purchase and experience various offline products and services such as mother and child care, car maintenance, life services and health care on the platform. At the same time, the company converts offline service resources into online service products according to customer needs, forming a customer adhesion platform and customer acquisition platform for decentralized customers

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