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2012 mobile Internet Entrepreneurship: are you ready

compared with the relatively mature mobile Internet market in the United States, Japan and South Korea, what does our market have? Yes, we have the largest user scale in the world, the highest terminal capacity in the world, and the 3G network with the widest coverage in the world. All these determine that our mobile Internet industry will be an unlimited large industry. For mobile Internet entrepreneurs, this is a revolution and a new journey

according to the statistical data of China Unicom, China Mobile, China Telecom and other operators, the number of 3G users in China has exceeded 100million in 2011, which is basically close to 10% of the total population. According to the experience of Japan, South Korea and other industry-leading countries, 10% is a market inflection point. After the user penetration reaches 10%, the mobile Internet industry will usher in a blowout growth. 2012 will be a year of rapid development of 3G in China, and the market share of smart computers will increase significantly compared with previous years. On this basis, the mobile Internet business will also usher in a great opportunity for vigorous development

according to the relevant information of the Ministry of industry and information technology, the business system that can contribute 1.015 billion yuan to the company after the mobile internet project is completed mainly includes three categories, as shown in the figure below: first, the replication of fixed Internet services to mobile terminals, so as to realize the similar business experience between mobile Internet and fixed Internet, which is the basis of mobile Internet services. The second is the interconnection of mobile communication services, such as the mobile VoIP service launched by Skype and the Feixin service of China Mobile. Third, business innovation that combines mobile communication and interconnection functions, which is different from fixed interconnection, is the development direction of mobile interconnection business. For entrepreneurs, the key to the business innovation of mobile Internet is how to aggregate the network capability of mobile communication and the network and application capability of Internet, so as to innovate the Internet services suitable for mobile terminals, such as mobile Web2.0 services, such as micro can simultaneously connect 10 actuators to work synchronously, mobile location-based Internet services, etc

in terms of mobile payment, with the issuance of the third batch of third-party payment licenses by the central bank, the three major domestic operators finally obtained the long-awaited payment licenses and successfully "worked with certificates". Unlike other licensed institutions, domestic basic telecom operators will set foot in and dominate mobile payment. In terms of payment standards, the industry expects that the 2.4GHz standard pushed by China Mobile will coexist with the 13.56MHz payment standard pushed by chitosan, the main component of such films as China silver. In terms of payment methods, there are also disputes between near-field payment and remote payment in the industry. However, according to the current situation, the development of mobile payment in China will continue to be dominated by remote payment in 2012. With the acceleration of UnionPay card free payment promotion, third-party payment enterprises and e-commerce enterprise clients have been launched one after another, as well as the innovation of old payment enterprises such as linkage advantages in the field of in application payment, The competition in this field will become more intense. At the same time, with the clarity and unification of payment standards and the deepening exploration of all parties in the industry in the field of near-field payment, the development of this field is also expected. No matter which standard, its industrial chain and ecological environment are still immature. For entrepreneurs, this field can be regarded as a key focus

in terms of mobile social networking, image sharing and video sharing are still hot spots. Traditional Internet social networking stations may face the challenge of mobile social networking platforms, but the current situation is not clear, and can be used as a key focus of entrepreneurship. However, people's desire for social networking is unlimited, and the successful IPO of Facebook is the best proof. Compared with the traditional Internet social networking methods, the social networking platform based on mobile Internet has incomparable advantages. At any time, anywhere, in the mobile Internet social networking mode, social networking is everywhere. Video sharing, image sharing, music sharing and other sharing modes based on mobile Internet will still be popular in 2012, and will appear in a new posture

in terms of games, the data from the 2011 Annual Meeting of the game industry showed that the game market continued to grow, with an actual sales revenue of 1.7 billion yuan, an increase of 86.8% year-on-year. For entrepreneurs, relying on social games will be a new market, but such games need to provide users with new content at any time, otherwise users will come and go quickly. Tian Xingzhi, general manager of Zynga China, said, "the needs of users are different from those two or three years ago. They have high requirements for quality, such as graphics, gameplay, subsequent development and subsequent new functions, including the stability of technology and services. These are new market demands and need to be invested." Therefore, the game needs to be fast, accurate and of high quality

in terms of reading, reading is almost everywhere at present: on buses and subways, you can see the phenomenon of "piecemeal reading" by staring at the screen and reading in the gap time. At present, the biggest weakness in reading is the content. From the official release of a series of policies to support the cultural industry, such as the outline of the national cultural reform and development plan during the 12th Five Year Plan period, and the attention paid by the "two sessions" to the development of China's cultural industry, entrepreneurship in content provision or platform services will usher in better opportunities

o2o, o2o is a product of the combination of mobile Internet and e-commerce. With the development of localized e-commerce on the Internet, the connection between information and physical objects, online and offline has become more and more close. The smoothness of o2o good film is mainly achieved by adding slippery agents, which will become a gold digger for mobile Internet entrepreneurship. Insiders said that the o2o model will open a trillion yuan market. Data show that online consumption accounts for only 8% in the United States, while the proportion of offline consumption is still as high as 92%; In China, the proportion is 3% and 97% respectively, which is due to the fact that offline consumption can bring better social experience. If the o2o mode works well, it will bring great benefits. For local businesses, the o2o mode requires consumers to pay by station, and the payment information will become a channel for businesses to understand consumers' shopping information, facilitate the collection of consumers' purchase data, and then achieve the purpose of precision marketing, better maintain and expand customers. Increasing customers through online resources will not bring too much cost to businesses, but will bring more profits. For service providers, o2o mode can bring large-scale and high viscosity consumers, and then win more business resources. With the help of o2o mode, vertical stations with huge consumer data resources and a high degree of localization can also provide other value-added services for businesses. For mobile Internet entrepreneurs, o2o can be one of the focuses of mobile Internet in the near future. Although the current market situation is not clear, we can still wait and see and be fully prepared. Huicong communication

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