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The game business alliance won the lawsuit, but it should be noted that infringing games only won 7000

for a long time, copyright disputes have restricted the rapid development of domestic small and medium-sized game developers

at the end of last year, 25 game developers sued Baidu for infringement and accused Baidu WAP station game channel of providing users with pirated game downloads

after nearly half a year of trial, the Beijing Haidian District People's court ruled that Baidu lost the lawsuit in the first instance on May 22, and compensated one of the enterprises, Dalian Alios Technology Consulting Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Alios) for the loss of 7000 yuan

in this regard, the plaintiff's lawyer and partner of Beijing Zhongguan law firm wangyingjun 1. The pressure control system is mainly composed of pressure source, pressurized pipeline and electrical control. The court held that Baidu WAP only provided search services, which is inconsistent with the facts. A person in charge of the China game developers Alliance (hereinafter referred to as CPU) also told the daily economy, "we will appeal to the Beijing Intermediate People's court."

only 7000 yuan was paid for one.

it is reported that in the above-mentioned lawsuit, the members of the CPU claimed that as many as 354 models were pirated by Baidu. Among them, Alios company sued that it obtained the software copyright of the game "Yanlong Black Knight", and Baidu company cracked and uploaded the game in Baidu without permission for the majority of environmental protection value friends who decided to produce it to download for free. Baidu has gained a huge number of visits, and the infringement intention is obvious, causing huge losses to it. To this end, the company asked Baidu to immediately stop the infringement and compensate its economic loss of 100000 yuan

but Baidu argued that the software did exist on Baidu WAP, but there was no subjective fault. It was just the application of search engine. Instead of actively uploading it to the server for users to download, it randomly grabbed synchronous updates through the web spider

subsequently, the court found that Baidu's behavior had constituted an infringement of help, and awarded Alios 7000 yuan in economic losses and other reasonable expenses

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