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Kodak has established a digital printing base in Xiamen, China. Over the weekend, seven executives of Eastman Kodak, including Ye Ying, global vice president and chairman and President of North Asia, jointly announced that they would invest 96million US dollars in Xiamen to establish a digital printing plate factory with relevant departments to carry out professional talent training for new materials, and announced that it would be officially put into production in October. This is the powerful sword that Kodak, the imaging giant, is about to complete its transformation. Although the probability of mechanical and electrical appearance is not very high, the walls with brush technique are filled with Bi Sheng movable type seals printed with ancient Xixia Characters. Contrary to the usual, the Kodak press conference site is not only full of Chinese flavor, but also the background color is black representing ink, rather than Cui Lixin's first thought that Kodak's enterprise standard color is bright yellow. It is not difficult to see that Kodak hopes to reverse its status as a manufacturer of traditional image products and turn into a global digital image giant. It is understood that Xiamen will become an important production center of Kodak in the world for digital media, consumables and related products

At the same time, Kodak also announced that Kodak (Xiamen) digital imaging Co., Ltd., which invested nearly 100 million yuan in Xiamen last year, will also move into the Xiamen export processing zone and expand its production scale in the near future. It is expected that the production capacity will be 10 times larger than the current one. The factory mainly produces Kodak ink-jet printing cartridges. All products are exported to Europe and the United States, and the export volume is expected to reach 150million US dollars in 2008. It is predicted that China will become the second largest printing market in the world in 2011. We hope that by that time, 40% of Kodak's printing products will contain Chinese wisdom. Ms. Ye Ying said

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