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Kodak launched the industry's first elevatable i1800 scanner operating platform

Kodak, which has always paid attention to humanized design, has launched another innovative product recently. At the China International Finance exhibition held at the Beijing Exhibition Hall on September 13, Kodak exhibited the i180 series 0 scanner with a wide speed regulation range with automatic height adjustment function for the first time in China. This is also the first scanner with this function in the industry. It is reported that this product won the GCN best product award. I1800 series scanners are specially designed for mass operations. This series of products are scanned with a resolution of 200dpi, and the fastest scanning speed can reach 200 pages per minute. Due to the use of Kodak SurePath paper processing technology and automatic lifting feeder, the mechanical testing of this rubber material requires that the product can easily cope with different sizes, materials and types of documents; And its double sheet detection system can completely eliminate duplication and missed scanning. And its most commendable is its industrial road Borun: medical grade TPU experts lead the material revolution of medical products, and the unique operation platform automatic lifting technology in the new territories. The operating platform of i1800 series scanners can automatically adjust the height, with an adjustment range of 25 cm. This design enables people with different body star angles to operate according to their own habits, sitting or standing, and the operators will no longer feel tired because of maintaining the same posture for a long time

i1800 series scanners process documents with a maximum size of 863mm 305mm and a minimum size of 64mm 64mm; The standard feeder can handle 45g/m2~200g/m2 of paper, the thin paper feeder can handle 25g/m2~75g/m2 of paper, and the feeder capacity is 500 pages; Output resolution, black and white up to 400DPI, color/gray up to 300dpi; The operation is controlled by color LCD touch screen

it is reported that this product can meet the application needs of government, finance, insurance, medical treatment, transportation, law, education, accounting, associations and many other fields. At present, the product has been officially launched in China

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