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Kodak wants to transform into a new graphic printing manufacturer.

yesterday, Lois Lebegue, President of Kodak Asia Pacific, said in an interview with this newspaper that Kodak cameras may appear in the market again in the future, but it may be authorized to do so by other manufacturers. He said that Kodak would completely withdraw from digital cameras and non War (3) electrical control circuits, referring to the strategic market of international standards, and was committed to transforming from a traditional imaging company to a new graphic printing manufacturer

or other manufacturers will be authorized

Kodak cameras may appear in the market again in the future with seriously insufficient fire performance, but it has no direct relationship with Kodak company anymore, but other manufacturers are authorized to name Kodak. We are looking for this possibility. Lois said. It is understood that consumers may also meet Kodak in the past through the development business of wedding photography studio and professional photography, which is one of the few civil businesses retained by Kodak at present

at the beginning of this year, the news of Kodak's bankruptcy became a hot topic. Then Kodak withdrew from the market and announced that it would withdraw from the digital camera market and sell Kodak photo service gallery_ Kodak, give up the naming right of Kodak Theater

Lois Lebegue said that Kodak would completely withdraw from the digital camera and non strategic market and devote itself to the transformation from a traditional imaging company to a new graphic printing manufacturer

however, in the civil field, Kodak also retains output businesses such as thermal sublimation printing and civil photo paper. The civil business in China grew last year, with the growth rate of wedding studios, professional photography and other businesses reaching 20%

withdrawal has little impact on the Asia Pacific region

when we announced our withdrawal from the above business areas, the contribution of product lines such as digital cameras to Kodak's revenue has been very small. Lois Lebegue said that products such as digital cameras accounted for 5% of Kodak's revenue in the Asia Pacific region, while in Greater China, this product line accounted for only 2%. Therefore, the withdrawal has little impact on Kodak Asia Pacific

Lois explained that the bankruptcy protection law of the United States is a weekly tool that is often used to protect traditional companies with heavy historical burdens. After applying for bankruptcy protection, Kodak USA can sell and realize its intellectual property rights and non strategic assets, and obtain sufficient cash flow to continue its operations

at present, the $950million 18 month credit support provided by Citibank to Kodak has all arrived

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