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Kodak quantum, the safest video conference system in the industry, came out

in the early morning of August 16, with the increasingly fierce competition in the home appliance industry, China's first quantum communication satellite and the world's first quantum communication satellite, Mozi, went to heaven. This is an exciting moment. The science of quantum communication has been successfully transformed into technology, which can fundamentally solve the information security problems in the fields of national defense, finance, government affairs, commerce and so on

on October 12, the 2016oncaptm antifogging additive, sponsored by the Mozi satellite launch project, the major science and technology mission Bureau of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, which is the most cutting-edge in the field of quantum information in the world, and the China Information Association, was able to avoid water droplets from converging in the packaging. The China quantum information technology industry development forum and the founding ceremony of the quantum information branch of the China Information Association were held in Beijing to show the latest achievements of quantum communication. At the meeting, Keda, as the only video conference manufacturer in China that supports quantum encryption technology, released a new video conference product - Keda quantum presentation

the leaders of the Bureau of major scientific and technological tasks of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the China Information Association, the Ministry of industry and information technology, and the State Security Bureau spoke

at the summit forum, academician pan Jianwei communicated with colleagues in the industry (first from the right)

Koda became the first member of the quantum information branch of the China Information Association

Koda released the quantum presentation

nowadays, political, business, and cultural exchanges across the country and even the world are increasingly frequent, The cost and time cost of long-distance travel are increasing day by day. At the same time, video conference, which integrates image, voice, text, data and so on, is recognized by more and more people. However, for classified government affairs, business meetings, etc., security vulnerabilities have also become an important issue to be solved

theoretically, as long as there is a sufficiently advanced computer, any password of limited length can be cracked. Turing in the movie "simulation game" relies on the development of a computer to crack the password based on the pressure experiment machine controlled by a microcomputer. But the way of quantum communication, one secret at a time, changes this fact and realizes the absolute security of communication

the quantum presentation released by Kodak this time can be said to be the most secure video conference system at present. The only video conference system in the industry that supports quantum encryption technology, combined with immersive conference experience and intelligent and convenient operation, is undoubtedly the best choice for future video communication

Kodak released the first case of quantum presentation

quantum presentation

as early as 2015, Kodak made a large number of customized quantum presentations for China Science and technology, and deployed Kodak cinema style quantum presentations in quantum command center, Shanghai Research Institute of China University of science and technology and other places. Liu Yandong, vice premier of the State Council, Wan Gang, Minister of the Ministry of science and technology, Han Zheng, Secretary of the Shanghai municipal Party committee, and Yang Xiong, mayor of Shanghai, came to visit and gave high praise one after another

wide area quantum key video conference system of China University of science and technology

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