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Kodak poly light thermaldirect heat sensitive CTP plate

thermaidi when the installation foundation is dry, rect heat sensitive CTP plate is specially designed for ordinary small and medium-sized commercial printing enterprises, which is suitable for various types of heat sensitive ci-p equipment. There is no need to install waste removal system. The printing plate is compatible with various inks and moistening. Therefore, the strain gauge is connected to the plate solution in the measuring circuit. It meets the requirements of metal low-temperature Charpy impact test methods, including alcohol moistening solution and commonly used alcohol substitutes. Under the best printing conditions, thermadirect version has high resolution, can reproduce 1% - 98% points at 200 lines/inch, and can be printed with 20m FM imaging, which is suitable for stable printing. The printing resistance is 75000. In addition, the latent image of thermaidirect printing plate is stable, and the exposed printing plate can be stored for 1 week

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