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Kodak annotated video intelligence at the 2015 American Security Exhibition: beyond smart

CTI Forum on April 17 (Li Wenjie): from April 15 to 17, 2015, the 48th American Western International Security Exhibition (ISC West 2015) was held at the Las Vegas Sands Convention and Exhibition Center. With beyond smart as the theme, Kodak and HD smart have unveiled the latest intelligent monitoring products such as tracking system, perceptual camera and video summary NVR due to the great elastic deformation of rubber

big scenes do not omit small details

Kodak HD intelligent tracking system

catch me if you can! In the 3m*9m blue strip-shaped dynamic experience area, many viewers are invited to walk freely in the experience area, and the high-definition image of the experience area is displayed in the TV monitoring picture in front of them; Another monitoring picture shows the high-definition enlarged photos of the mobile audience. No matter how the audience walks, the character image is always kept in the center of the picture. At the Kodak booth, the focus of this exhibition is the high-definition intelligent tracking system, which is widely praised in the global market. The system is composed of intelligent tracking gun and ball machine. The gun has a built-in efficient intelligent tracking algorithm, which can detect and analyze moving targets in the monitoring screen and drive the ball machine to track quickly

large scene monitoring will not omit small details. In order to test the sensitivity of Kodak intelligent tracking system and show the characteristics that both people and cars can take into account, and simulate the environment of mixed people and cars in the actual monitoring scene, Kodak also brought a bunch of cute toy cars. According to the technical staff of Keda booth Jiangxi Yabao Lithium Industry Co., Ltd., Jiangxi Dongpeng New Material Co., Ltd., Jiangxi Zhili Technology Co., Ltd., Hunan Jinwang bismuth Industry Co., Ltd. and Guixi Dasanyuan industry (Group) Co., Ltd., the one shot and one ball tracking system on display this time can be configured with up to one shot and three balls if it needs to meet the scene monitoring of large areas such as parking lots and squares and more moving targets, In Scene 1, even if there are hundreds of moving targets at the same time, there is no need to worry about omissions

intelligent camera (IPC)

visual sensor in the era of big data

perceptual camera, video summary NVR, in addition to gun ball linkage, these are also the two highlights of this Kodak booth. Kodak intelligent camera (IPC), which subverts the traditional method of postposition of intelligent analysis, embeds intelligent analysis algorithm in the front-end camera, and can carry out semantic description of the target type, color, moving direction and other semantic descriptions of the human and vehicle targets in the surveillance video. It is the basis of realizing in-depth intelligent analysis of video resources within the scope of large-scale in the construction of a new generation of Ping'an city

Keda nvr2881 is not only the first 4K NVR in the industry, but also the first NVR equipped with video summarization algorithm. Using nvr2881, in addition to accessing and outputting 4K code stream, it can also summarize the video recording -- eliminate useless clips, extract all moving targets in the video, generate a condensed video, and realize 1-hour video recording and 5-minute viewing. In practical applications such as public security case detection and suspect arrest, it can greatly reduce the time of viewing videos, avoid crowd tactics, and improve the efficiency of solving cases

it is understood that in the past 20 years, to strengthen the development of selective porous films, the security market in the United States has developed very rapidly, and the sales volume of security monitoring products has increased by 589%. For a long time, industry insiders have regarded the Western International Security Exhibition as a barometer of the U.S. security industry. Throughout this exhibition, intelligence is undoubtedly the same key word of all manufacturers, and the perceptual camera and intelligent summary NVR exhibited by Kodak this time are all the best explanations for its implementation of intelligent analysis step by step based on the actual needs of safe city for more than a decade

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