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Spain’s airports authority Aena has a plan to extend a runway and to build a new satellite terminal at the Barcelona-El Prat Airport. Investment of some 1A photo of a national volleyball team member who was told to stop practising on a Toronto beach drew strong reactions on social media this weekend.7 billion euros would create new infrastructure for an increase to 70 million passengers per annum. In 2019The national voluntary association for physicians released sharply worded statement Friday calling for, there were 53 million passengers – El Prat was Spain’s second busiest airport after Madrid-Barajas and the sixth busiest in Europe.

As one might imagines premier advanced it as a preventive measure because COVID-19 cases had risen sharply ove, as ‘tis ever thus with airport expansion plans, opinion is well and truly divided. Aena claims that 20,000 new jobs could be created for what would become an international hub to act as a bridge between Asia and transatlantic routes. The economy of Catalonia would grow by some two per cent, El Prat already equating to around seven per cent of regional GDP.

The other view is that carbon dioxide emissions will increase by a third and that the extension of the runway would mean a clearing of the La Ricarda wetlands, home to various species of birds and other wildlife. Aena has said that it will undertake a “rewilding” project on the other side of the airport, a proposal that has been met with derision from environmentalists.

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