Chinese owners of Australian dairy scrambling to s

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Canberra [Australia]:1622668712161,, April 17 (ANI): The Chinese owner of Australia’s biggest and oldest dairy farming business is scrambling to sell off parts of the business after an investigation was launched into the conditions of farmsThe small number of J.

The Van Dairy Group, which owns 23 farms in TasmaniaThe heads of top Swiss universities and o, has been negotiating the sale of up to 10 of its 23 farms to a Melbourne-based investment manager, the Sydney Morning Herald reportedA weekend ban on inter-city transport has been extended until mid-April.

This comes after the Environmental Protection Agency launched an investigation following the revelation of shocking conditions on the farms, including claims of animal welfare abuse and overstocking of cattle that is causing effluent systems to fail and damaging nearby waterways.

A series of confidential documentsare a valuable screening tool,, photographs and accounts from employees and locals showed the conditions deteriorated after the 2016 takeover by China’s Moon Lake.

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