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The glass chamber of Commerce has revealed that the "hidden rules of the industry" industry access system is imminent

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it is also hollow glass. With a little manipulation, the cost can be reduced by 10%, and from the appearance, even professionals are difficult to distinguish between true and false; Invest tens of thousands of yuan to build a glass processing plant, and the quality of products produced in workshops varies Hefei glass chamber of Commerce previously conducted an industry survey, which found that there were six "hard injuries" to the quality of some building glass entering the market. Yesterday, the Municipal Federation of industry and Commerce learned that in order to solve the "hard injury" of the construction glass industry, Hefei is actively studying and brewing the implementation of the glass industry access system

the survey found six "hard injuries"

according to the survey of Hefei glass chamber of Commerce, the quality of building glass entering the market in Hefei is uneven, and some products still have potential safety hazards, showing six "hard injuries"

"firstly, the overall qualification rate of the product is low; secondly, the format and content of the output quality guarantee provided by various suppliers are inconsistent and incomplete, which cannot play a corresponding role. 1. Mix raw materials by means of high-pressure collision; some enterprises do not have the qualification to process and produce safe and energy-saving glass." Wang Hengchun, President of Hefei glass chamber of Commerce, said

Wang Hengchun then listed the other three problems found in the investigation: leading. In order to meet the "special" requirements of customers, some glass manufacturers tampered with the glass product test report without authorization. Second, the glass products that leave the factory are not subject to necessary inspection. Third, many manufacturers shoddy

there are too many "hidden rules of the industry"

for the root cause of the glass quality problems in the current market, industry insiders believe that the main reason is that there are too many "hidden rules of the industry". "There is no industry access system, and the industry supervision is weak." For example, Wang Hengchun said that the insulating glass, which is also "5+9+5", is produced by regular manufacturers according to the standard, and the thickness of the glass should be 5mm, while the thickness of the glass produced by some irregular manufacturers is "shrunk" to 4. 7mm, this subtle difference is difficult for professionals to see with the naked eye. Its physical properties are similar to those of traditional Cr, EPDM and SBR. However, the glass thickness is reduced, and its impact resistance is obviously insufficient. There are potential safety hazards when it is installed on buildings. In addition, some small manufacturers are still "fiddling" with raw materials such as aluminum bars and molecular sieves. These seemingly small changes can reduce production costs by more than 10%, affecting the normal market operation order

"invest tens of thousands of yuan to build a glass processing plant. The quality of products produced in workshops is naturally mixed." Xiaoqiwen, vice president and Secretary General of Hefei glass chamber of Commerce, also sighed

according to Wang Hengchun's analysis, another important factor affecting the quality and safety of glass in the current market is the lack of industry supervision. "At present, the glass quality supervision generally adopts the inspection system, that is, the samples of the tested products are sampled by each manufacturer and sent to the relevant departments for inspection, and the samples submitted for inspection must be qualified in the domestic market." Wang Hengchun said that the "hidden rules" of this inspection system have long been "understood" by some small manufacturers

It is understood that at present, many large and medium-sized cities in China, such as Shanghai, have implemented the system of identifying new energy-saving insulating glass materials, and will include construction glass and glass cloth into the key quality supervision and management scope of the general station for safety and quality supervision of construction projects. In the supervision process of glass enterprises and glass products, in addition to the relevant departments of the government, Its industry associations also play an important role. Both MDI and TDI are raw materials for the production of polyurethane, and they undertake corresponding responsibilities such as industry supervision

fortunately, the problems of Hefei glass industry have also been highly valued by government departments. At the end of last year, Hefei Federation of industry and commerce, based on the investigation of the glass chamber of Commerce, asked the municipal government to study the implementation of the access system in the glass industry, which was approved by the relevant municipal leaders. According to the instructions, at the beginning of this year, Hefei glass chamber of Commerce drafted a specific plan for implementing the access system in Hefei glass industry based on the experience of Shanghai and other places, and the Municipal Federation of industry and Commerce submitted it to the municipal government for research. At present, the scheme is still under further study

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