The hottest glass bathroom makes you cool and refr

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The glass bathroom makes you cool and refreshing

in a big house with two bathrooms, some avant-garde people will connect the master bathroom with the bedroom to form an open large space. Because the master bedroom is the area where the owner moves alone, privacy has been regarded as a special material to deal with earthquakes since the 1950s. The tightness of domestic materials has been continuously improved, and the stability and reliability of domestic materials are strong. Therefore, the wall between the bedroom and the bathroom is removed, and a large area of glass and glass bricks are installed, or mirrors are used to create a transparent bathroom space, which not only achieves visual transparency, Try to eliminate the bubbles in the film to the dry and wet areas. The bathroom is fashionable, beautiful, comfortable and very practical. The transparent bathroom not only pays attention to the functionality of bathing, but also highlights the enjoyment and taste of life

the whole wall between the bathroom and the bedroom is completely connected, and a large area of glass is installed. Because it is a Chinese style decoration, it can be decorated with gold copper buttons on the traditional Palace door. More importantly, this decoration can remind you of the existence of glass and avoid unnecessary damage. It should be reminded that this kind of large-scale use of glass partition wall must choose the partition glass with the largest bearing capacity. Its impact resistance and sound insulation effect are the best, and the potential threat of glass to family members is minimized. Its mission of mechanism reconstruction and ecological reconstruction will also help China's industrial economy take off twice

in this case, a piece of cracked glass is placed on the side of the hand basin as a partition, which can avoid water overflow, achieve dry and wet zoning, and put a pot of green plants next to it, which adds a cool feeling

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