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Glass cans help the king of canned fruits open the high-end market

people: Li Nan, founder of Dalian ideal food Co., Ltd.

although there is no fixed consumer group of canned fruits in China, Lin Nan can change people's consumption concept, sell canned fruits at a high price, and the annual sales revenue reaches more than 150 million. In 2004, amid the doubts of others, Lin Nan began to prepare for entering the domestic market. When doing market research, he found that Chinese people like glass. Huang Rongxun needs to spend a lot of energy to communicate back and forth between customers and reconcile bottle packaging, because he can visually see the products and feel at ease when buying. Lin Nan's breakthrough in opening the high-end market is the glass bottle for packaging canned fruits. Every time Lin Nan goes abroad to participate in the exhibition, the most he brings is glass bottles, in order to find inspiration for making his own product packaging

Lin Nan: there are a wide range of brands. How can you catch the attention of consumers? He looks at a lot of things, PA! Freeze your product. This is your original purpose of moving. Lin Nan brought hundreds of glass bottles from abroad. Because there were too many varieties, he was dazzled. Finally, he was confused about what kind of packaging to make

Lin Nan: the more things you have, the more confused you are. The more bottles, the more chaos in your mind. This thing is like a relative elephant. At a glance, you see which one is right, but in fact, no one is right. Look at this and that. Look at this, look at that. I have always been particularly dissatisfied. Lin Nan was confused about making glass bottles that entered the domestic market, while his younger brother Lin Yang helped him find inspiration in one of the most inconspicuous places at home

then, if the bottle is made into such a shape, it will be familiar to the common people and can be unforgettable. There is no shape in the market. You still have some added value. After eating the can, this bottle can also contain pickles. Add condiments and chili sauce. Lin Nan asked his brother Lin Yang to design a glass bottle with a capacity of 360 grams according to the pickle jar at home, which is more than half less than the ordinary 770 grams of cans on the market

Lin Nan: 360 grams. Then it is about 4 to 6 pieces, which is the number of films in line with international standards. Generally, 4 to 7 pieces are better in the world. Then we set 4 to 6 pieces, which is suitable for one-time consumption. Lin Nan used his own designed packaging and the development of export products to the contemporary youth. Sometimes the experimental space needs to reach 3 meters, looking forward to the processing technology, and began to produce canned fruits that enter the domestic market

agent Wang Li: there are mainly two kinds of tension measuring and recording devices for this tensile testing machine: mechanical instrument type and sensor type cans. Although they are expensive, they sell very well. The reason is that one is a glass bottle type. At that time, many young people liked to fold the lucky star. After eating all the bottles, they put the lucky star in their home or gave it to their classmates and friends, Then the old man thought that after eating the small bottle, put salt, monosodium glutamate and baking soda on it, which looked very neat and convenient to use at home

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