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Glass ball sold poor stocks with a pearl price of more than seven, outperforming the market

listed companies whose performance exceeded expectations or significantly reversed losses. Safety requirements and experiments for lamps and lanterns GB 7000.1 ⑴ 996 tickets have become the focus of investors since July. However, a strange phenomenon also appeared in the market: the market performance of many underperforming stocks was not weak but strong, and the "glass ball" sold the "Pearl" price

underperforming stocks performed well

as of August 21, 1164 listed companies have disclosed semi annual reports. Excluding companies with long-term suspension, a total of 326 companies had year-on-year decline in net profit or losses in the first half of the year. Despite the poor performance, the performance of these underperforming stocks in the secondary market is not inferior to that of blue chip stocks

statistics show that since July, 317 of the 326 stocks have risen, accounting for 97%, and almost all of them have become popular. Since July, the Shanghai Composite Index has been 1 and 0 under the condition of continuously improving product performance and quality. As a reference, 252 stocks outperformed the market, accounting for 77%. 30%。

Dingsheng Tiangong is the "leader" in poor performance stocks, with a net profit loss of 14.5 million yuan in the first half of the year, but an increase of 112 since July. 59%。 The reason why the stock price has such excellent performance is mainly due to the stimulation of the restructuring news. According to the announcement of Dingsheng Tiangong, the company plans to purchase all assets and liabilities and 100% equity of Zhongjin auto trade, which had a market share of 9% in 2009. 1%, is a leading enterprise of China's import automobile trade comprehensive service provider. After the transaction is completed, the company's main business is changed from machinery to automobile trade. After the resumption of trading, the stock of Dingsheng Tiangong continued to shrink and rise by the limit, and the share price jumped from 8 yuan to more than 13 yuan in the short term

Shenzhen Tianjian and Shenzhen Zhenye a local stocks also performed well, although their net profits in the first half of the year fell year-on-year, but they have increased by 65 respectively since July. 11% and 58. 33%。 Unlike Dingsheng Tiangong, the "rise" of Shenzhen Zhenye and Shenzhen Tianjian stock prices was mainly caused by the brand raising war. Since June 18, Yao Zhenhua and Yao Jianhui brothers have raised their high-profile brand of Shenzhen Zhenye a through the "Baoneng system" under their control. Then, in order to maintain their controlling position, Shenzhen state owned assets supervision and Administration Bureau bought the stock on a large scale through the secondary market, and a battle for equity immediately began. It soared 60% in just nine trading days

Why are underperforming stocks so eye-catching? Analysts said that with the recovery of the market since July, individual stocks have generally risen, while small cap stocks have increased significantly. The strength of these underperforming stocks is mainly driven by the rise of the broader market, especially those stocks with the concept of restructuring and speculation have performed better

ST shares are also "Crazy"

among the underperforming stocks, ST shares are undoubtedly the most typical representative. Due to the depression of the industry, poor management and other reasons, these stocks have been in a state of loss for a long time and are hard to return

among the underperforming stocks that have been disclosed, 55 are st stocks, accounting for 16 of the total number of stocks. 87%。 Among them, the net profit of *st Shanjiao in the first half of the year with the most serious loss was -2. 5.2 billion yuan* St Jincheng was the most obvious one, with a mid-2009 net profit of 1190. 530000 yuan, compared with a loss of 2% in the first half of 2010. 2.1 billion yuan

although the overall performance of ST shares is worrying, the market performance is very good. All 55 st stocks have risen since July, of which 43 outperformed the market* St Shanjiao and * ST Jincheng have increased by 19 respectively since July. 67% and 20. 44%, much higher than the performance of the market in the same period

st Ganhua ranks first since July, with a rise of 40. 18%。 St Ganhua achieved a net profit of -625 in the first half of the year. 550000 yuan, although still in a loss state, but with a loss of 4253 in the same period last year. Compared with 170000 yuan, there is a loss of 85. 29%。

*st China service is an "alternative", with a net profit of -979 in the first half of the year. 400000 yuan, 106% of the last year when the surface of the same material was in contact with other objects. Compared with the net profit of 630000 yuan, there was a significant decline. However, since July, *st China service has closed at the daily limit for 4 times, with an increase of 38 during the period. 14%。

market participants pointed out that although the fundamentals of most st stocks are poor if they are on the contrary, the potential restructuring and capital operation have become the main reasons for investors' pursuit of St stocks due to the need to protect the brand and remove the cap

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