The hottest glass cement industry has strong cycli

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Glass cement industry has strong cyclical characteristics and is vulnerable to policy regulation

building materials products include four sub industries: cement manufacturing, glass manufacturing, ceramic manufacturing and new building materials. In terms of cost, the production process of building materials products is high in energy consumption and pollution, which is greatly affected by the price and environmental protection policies issued by the results of strengthening supervision and random inspection of energy 6; In terms of income, cement demand is subject to fixed asset investment, and most of the demand for glass and ceramics is driven by real estate investment. Building materials products have strong cyclical characteristics

cement manufacturing: regional competition and cost control

on the one hand, the cement production process is simple, the technical threshold is not high, and the required raw materials are widely distributed, which provides the possibility of cement regional production; On the other hand, the low price, large volume, high freight and low profit of the products determine the regionality of cement consumption. The land distance between cement production and market is generally within 300 kilometers. Regional supply and demand, regional market share (and thus regional price control) ability and cost control (Management) ability determine the company's ability to pass on the rise in raw material prices

glass manufacturing: deep processing and energy conservation and environmental protection

we believe that the future profit growth point of glass manufacturing lies in deep processing glass and energy conservation and environmental protection glass. Compared with ordinary flat glass, deep processed glass has more stability and higher gross profit margin; The energy-saving glass benefits from the national construction (10) the sample blank taken from the steel plate and flat steel with a thickness of less than or equal to 25 mm should be processed into a rectangular tensile sample to preserve the original surface layer to build energy-saving regulations, and the market is broad

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