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Glass bottle packaging is developing towards personalization

China's glass bottle packaging market has already launched printed glass beer bottles and printed glass beverage bottles, and printed white wine bottles and printed wine bottles are also gradually becoming a trend. This new product with exquisite but endless service patterns and trademarks printed on the surface of glass bottles has been adopted by many beer and beverage production enterprises, such as Tsingtao Beer Group, China Resources beer group, Yanjing Beer Group, etc; Beverage enterprises include Coca Cola company, Pepsi Cola company, Herbalife Corporation, etc; Wine enterprises include Changyu Group, Longkou Weilong company, etc

printed glass (2) the strength is better. Although the glass glaze used in the pattern of glass bottle has been integrated with glass, its inherent glass characteristics also determine that its use is limited to seven times, and excessive reuse will bring adverse consequences. The glass bottle with decal can only be used once, and its pattern is incomplete, which is also determined by the inherent acid-base resistance and scouring resistance of its decal material after high temperature curing

beer and beverage manufacturing enterprises leading the industry have begun to take printed glass bottles, lightweight or disposable glass bottles as the first choice for product packaging. Compared with old bottles of new wine, new wine in new bottles increases the production cost to a certain extent, but it is of great benefit to the improvement of product grade

the development of science and technology is changing with each passing day, the change of consumption trend keeps pace with the times, and the manufacturing industry is also following up synchronously. After seven or eight years of use, a national standard or industry standard should also be improved and modified to retain those parts that adapt to the development trend and add some necessary content. Excessive requirements and excessive technical indicators increase the manufacturing costs that are of great significance to enhance the efficient utilization of advantageous resources, resulting in a waste of resources, which should also be included in the list of amendments. The top priority is to make the national standard or industry standard more authoritative, representative and appropriate

beer bottles, which are both pressure resistant glass bottles, have inconsistent requirements with carbonated beverage bottles. Beer bottles require too high indicators of mechanical impact strength, and the standard of qualified crystals is the same as that of superior carbonated beverage bottles; However, there are no regulations on the service life and packaging method of carbonated beverage bottles, and there are no separate regulations on lightweight disposable carbonated beverage bottles. This kind of favoritism causes inconsistency in standards, which is more likely to cause misunderstanding

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