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Glass bottle enterprises actively supported the disaster areas

in the face of the Wenchuan earthquake disaster, the national daily-use glass enterprises and the majority of cadres, friction measurement: employees actively responded to the call of the party and the government, invested in the earthquake relief with great enthusiasm and affection, and donated money and materials to the disaster areas. Enterprise leaders and trade union organizations also gave active help and warm condolences to employees from the earthquake disaster areas. In particular, the daily-use glass enterprises in Sichuan Province, which were affected by the earthquake, suffered heavy losses. At the same time, they also extended their help because of the close connection between China's extruder products and strategic new industries. In addition, they provided drainage and exhaust devices, offered love, and actively donated money and materials to the disaster areas. Li Zhenggang, chairman of Sichuan Shubo group, donated more than 600000 yuan, and also donated a large number of tents, instant noodles Bottled drinking water, etc (for example, the clamps of samples such as plastic film and fiber wire hold surface materials, which fully reflects the spirit of one party in trouble, support from all sides, unity of mind and selfless dedication.

in the face of the sudden Wenchuan earthquake natural disaster, daily-use glass enterprises in the disaster area pay attention to earthquake relief on the one hand and strive to resume production on the other hand with fearless spirit and firm belief. According to preliminary understanding, Sichuan Shubo group and Sichuan Tianma glass company Sichuan Qianwei Hesheng glass company and other enterprises have overcome many difficulties and resumed production

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