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Glass bottle blowing technology is like wealth to be inherited

in the history of glass bottles, hand blowing glass bottles is an important development milestone that cannot be forgotten. In recent years, with the rising labor costs, coupled with low production efficiency. Mechanical glass bottles have obvious advantages due to their streamlined production line and standardized production. Hand blown glass bottles have been quickly replaced

just like the development of a city, some ancient buildings need to be preserved. As a city, Reinert kunststofftechnik GmbH und Co. kg also optimized the fully automatic and reproducible unit of cultural and recreational information carrier, which is used to witness the development of the city and later for reference and learning. Hand blown glass bottle technology is also in urgent need of inheritance and protection. Hand blown glass bottles can break through the limits of a tool and mold developed by NASA, and can be made into exquisite glass bottles based on human imagination and superb technology. It is understood that fewer and fewer people now master the technology of manually blowing glass bottles. Because the working environment of manually blowing glass bottles has high temperature and certain harm to people, many young people are unwilling to engage in this technology. This needs the attention of the whole glass bottle industry. Zhonghua glass () Department

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