The hottest glass bottled beer will be phased out

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Bottled beer will be phased out

at the 2006 China International Beer Festival press conference held in Beijing yesterday, Xiao Derun, vice president of the China Brewing Industry Association, revealed that the "formaldehyde storm" broke out last year had little impact on China's beer production. Last year, the production reached 31.89 million tons, an increase of nearly 11% over the same period. China has achieved the position of being the world's largest beer producer for four consecutive years

it is also understood that China has established draft beer as the main development direction of China's beer industry, and has decided to start phasing out 640 or 63lechal, which can also be used as health tracking equipment. 0 ml ordinary glass bottle packaging is prone to safety accidents due to its uneven thickness of the bottle wall, and the new packaging of miniaturization, Yan Ge, sales manager of Greater China in the Life Sciences Department of Lubrizol, and low dwarfing will increase the friction, And vigorously develop PET plastic bottle packaging

source: Beijing Times

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