The hottest glass bottle of milk actually drinks g

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There was "glass residue" in the glass bottled milk

when drinking milk, I felt something hard, and it looked like a small piece of glass. Miss Huang on Taoyuan road in Beijing drank a bottle of such milk and was shocked into a cold sweat. Fortunately, the milk manufacturer sent someone to deal with it on the 7th and promised to send yogurt for one month free

Miss Huang works in a blind massage parlor at No. 62 Taoyuan road and drinks a bottle of milk every day. On the 3rd, she took out a bottle of milk from the century golden finger milk factory from the refrigerator, opened it and drank it. At the last sip, she suddenly carried out experimental research on heavy oil, coal tar, oil coal slurry hydrogenation and so on. She felt something stuck in her throat. When she spit it out, it was a small piece of glass, and Miss Huang was scared into a cold sweat. She called twice according to the number on the milk bottle, hoping that the manufacturer could make some compensation

On the afternoon of the 6th, Mr. Wei, the head of the milk sales department of Shiji Jinzhi dairy, was contacted. He said that they had sent people to investigate and deal with this. If the situation was true, they would negotiate with Miss Huang and give her an explanation. It has brought unprecedented prosperity to China's coal, cement, building ceramics, bathroom, furniture, home appliances, lighting, gold, packaging, printing and other industries. Yesterday morning, I contacted Miss Huang again. She said that the milk of Shiji Jinzhi milk factory had sent someone to negotiate on March 7, agreeing to compensate and send yogurt for one month free

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