The hottest Glass City in China, Shahe, Hebei Prov

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"China's glass city" Shahe, Hebei Province, promotes supply side reform

in recent years, known as "the National Glass City when the machine can not be driven by the manual control box or microcomputer software", Shahe, Hebei Province, which is different from the universal experimental machine used in static testing, firmly seizes the opportunity of the adverse market environment, accelerates the elimination of backward production capacity, and encourages enterprises to upgrade by promoting technological transformation, accelerating innovation and talent introduction and other measures, Build a number of production lines with advanced technology and equipment in the country

during the 12th Five Year Plan period, Shahe City shut down a total of 66 backward production lines, eliminated more than 40 million weight boxes of backward production capacity, and the enterprise invested 15% in total. 600million yuan, 52 production lines of glass enterprises in production have been completed with desulfurization, denitration, dust removal and other pollution control facilities

at present, Shahe's glass industry has fixed assets of 28billion yuan, 12 float glass enterprises and an annual production capacity of 1. 800 million weight boxes, more than 600 glass deep-processing enterprises, directly accommodating more than 50000 workers. Glass products have changed from single architectural glass to diversified, deep-processing and high value-added products

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