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Glass bottle manufacturers: in the face of these events, you are worth thinking about.

beer hurts people, and glass bottles hurt people have been frequently seen in newspapers in recent years. This makes the glass bottle Market squeezed by plastic bottle competition more difficult. As the authoritative media in the bottle industry, Zhonghua packaging bottle pays more attention to this: when our glass bottle manufacturer has a glass bottle injury event, do we consider improving our products and seeking more survival in innovation? It is worth thinking! The following are two more glass bottle injuries published in Jiaxing, hoping to attract the attention of our glass bottle manufacturers:

case 1: he was stabbed by a drink bottle

when he saw Zhou Youkun, it was the afternoon when he just left the hospital, and a thick bandage rigidly tied his arm. The young man is in his twenties and speaks his hometown dialect. Just came to Jiaxing to work for more than a month, such a thing happened, which made him and his family feel painful and helpless

Zhou Youkun and his sister followed their sister and brother-in-law to work in Haining. The family was originally very happy, but it never occurred to them that on May 5, the family's vision for the future was punctured by a drink bottle

that day, my sister and a female worker went out to work early in the morning. They passed a small shop in the town and went in to buy something to drink. Picking around, the female worker picked a bottle of fruit drink. Seeing that the price was only 3.5 yuan, she said it could be used as a cup after drinking, which was very cost-effective. So they paid the money, and then as they walked, they screwed the lid of the cup. It was strange that the plastic lid could not be unscrewed

just as Zhou Youkun came face to face with a male worker, the female worker asked Zhou Youkun for help. Zhou Youkun spun hard for a few times, and the lid still didn't move. I just didn't believe it. I couldn't open you. Zhou Youkun gritted his teeth and stamped his feet, but he didn't wait for his voice to fall, bang! The cup broke from the middle, and Zhou Youkun grabbed the mouth of the cup and pressed his right hand hard on his left wrist, immediately bleeding. Some passers-by were stunned by the scene in front of them, and someone quickly handed him a towel to wrap it up

the male worker rushed Xiao Zhou to the town health center. The first reaction of Zhou Youkun's sister and female workmates was to pick up the broken cup and run to the shop: something happened, there was something wrong with your drink, and my brother was stabbed! The female shopkeeper who looked at the store also panicked. At this time, someone reminded them to call the 110 police. The police then arrived and took a brief note of them

the police believe that this belongs to consumption. DuPont company (NYSE Code: DD), founded in 1802, relies on innovative products, materials and services to provide world-class scientific and engineering capacity disputes for the global market, and let them find consumer associations to mediate. The female shopkeeper said that the drinks of this brand were purchased from a dealer in Tongxiang, so the staff of Haining Consumer Association asked her to contact the dealer. The dealer's attitude is very clear: This is from the manufacturer. Please contact the manufacturer

the female shopkeeper called the customer service of an enterprise in Taizhou, the manufacturer. The other party's attitude was mild and would report the situation in time. Please stay in touch! The shopkeeper breathed a sigh of relief. But Zhou Youkun's condition is not so simple. The town health center said the patient was seriously injured and had to be transferred to Haining people's Hospital for treatment. The male worker ran to the factory and told the boss the situation. Without saying a word, the boss drove Zhou Youkun to Haining people's Hospital in his own car. The conclusion given by the hospital startled everyone: it cut four tendons, injured a muscle and a blood vessel

the medical expenses of more than 8000 yuan plus the hospitalization expenses are close to 10000 yuan. Zhou Youkun's brother-in-law is in a hurry. The more they think about it, the more angry they feel. They will look for it wherever they buy it! They are still looking for the female shopkeeper of the shop, and she has nothing to do. She has called several times. The dealer in Tongxiang just doesn't come, and the manufacturer hasn't responded. What do you want me to do? She felt that she was wronged: so many bottles were sold, and there was no problem. Why did they break this bottle

the staff of the consumer association thought that she was not the main one, but the person was injured after all. In any way, the store owner should bear part of it. Out of sympathy, the female shopkeeper gave them 3000 yuan for treatment first

finally, Jiaxing Consumer Association intervened in the case. They called the factory several times in a row to urge the other party to come and deal with the matter, but the attitude of the factory was questionable. They believe that if consumers believe that their products have quality problems, they should ask the authoritative department to produce the inspection report. If it is the manufacturer, they will bear all the medical expenses of the party concerned

now the broken cup was put into a box for storage by the staff of Haining Consumer Association. The cup was broken at the waist, and the lid was still biting. In front of Zhou Youkun and his family members is a blind spot for evidence collection: This cup may not be evidence, and it will cost a considerable amount to send it to the authoritative department for quality certification report

nearly a month has passed, and the manufacturer still adopts a prevaricating attitude, and has not given a reasonable answer so far. Seeing that Zhou Youkun's family was in a dilemma, Haining Civil Affairs Department sent them 1000 yuan of living allowance. Zhou Youkun and his family were very grateful, but they still decided to discuss an explanation anyway. If they couldn't, they would go to court

nowadays, the brand of drinks that hurt Zhou Youkun has become a panic in the hearts of many people in the town, and everyone is afraid that such bad luck will fall on them one day. Their worry is not unreasonable, because this is not the first time that such a thing has happened

two months ago, a similar incident occurred in another town of Haining City, but it was a bottle containing pickles that hurt people

case 2: she was hurt by a pickle bottle

although it has been more than two months, calling Huang Xiaoyan to bring up the old story with her, she still has lingering fear: I dare not touch that kind of thing packaged in glass bottles. When I went to the supermarket yesterday, my daughter wanted to eat pickled melons, so I bought that kind of bag. And my colleagues around me were also afraid of this, so they tried not to buy glass bottles. But there are too many things in glass bottles in life, and some are necessities of life. It is unrealistic to refuse completely. Huang Xiaoyan said that she and her friends feel helpless about it

it happened on the morning of March 11, 2008. Huang Xiaoyan's daughter proposed to eat creamy melons with porridge in the morning the night before. She went to a supermarket in Haining and spent 3.6 yuan to buy a bottle of pickled milk melon. I also specially chose a brand product produced in Hangzhou. Huang Xiaoyan said. In the morning, the child couldn't wait to eat. She spun hard according to the opening direction marked by the bottle cap. The bottle cap didn't open, but the bottleneck suddenly broke, and immediately her hands were dripping with blood. The palm of the left hand and the thumb of the right hand were scratched, and a total of 20 stitches were sewed on both hands. Huang Xiaoyan said that the doctor ordered to rest for at least one month, and his hands should not enter the water during this month

in the evening of that day, Huang Xiaoyan, accompanied by her husband, found the person in charge of the supermarket with evidence. The other party's attitude was considerate. You should treat it first, and then we will discuss the solution when it is better. But after two days, the dealer didn't reply. Huang Xiaoyan's husband was afraid that the other party would not admit it in the future, so he remembered to complain to Haining consumers' Association

coincidentally, it happened to be March 15. The couple came to the scene of March 15 complaint consultation. Huang Xiaoyan's hands were still wrapped in gauze. Her misfortune made many people present at that time feel aggrieved. After accepting the case, the municipal consumers' Association contacted the dealer and investigated the matter. As a member of the society, the dealer said that he could give appropriate economic compensation morally, but the product was imported from a trading company in Jiashan, and the manufacturer was from Xiaoshan area, Hangzhou. The dealer believed that he had done his best to strictly control the purchase, and he had to pursue it from the source

the staff of Haining consumer association found Jiashan wholesaler again. The wholesaler believed that he was only a link in commodity circulation, and that he should directly discuss with the manufacturer about product quality. The staff of the Consumer Association contacted the factory again. The other party believed that the products were inspected before leaving the factory. As for whether it was a problem in the transportation process, they were not sure. The other party also said that there is another possibility that it is caused by improper use by consumers themselves, and there is no quality problem in the product itself

the problem is frozen here. Ms. Huang is also reasonable: how can they prove that I was caused by improper use? Besides, even if it is used improperly, why don't they mark the method of use on the bottle, indicating the possible danger if it is used improperly? The manufacturer's reasons also sound very sufficient: first, how can we prove that her injury is indeed caused by 1. Our products must be checked before the pressure testing machine is used. Is it just a broken bottle? Second, we have produced so many products, but this bottle has a problem. What is it if it is not her improper use? Third, if the problem is caused by the circulation link in the transportation process, who is it

finally, the consumers' Association moved out the "law of the people's Republic of China on the protection of consumers' rights and interests", and everything is up to the law the final say. According to Article 35 of the consumer law: consumers or other victims who cause damage to life and property due to commodity defects can claim compensation from the seller or the producer. The law makes the parties, dealers, wholesalers and manufacturers finally sit at the same negotiating table

in the afternoon of April 10, Ms. Huang, the consumer, Haining dealers, Jiashan wholesalers and Hangzhou manufacturers held consultations in the office of Haining consumers' Association. During the negotiation, the Hangzhou manufacturer insisted that there was no quality problem with the packaging bottle of the bottled soy milk melon, and it was uncertain how the injury to the consumers' hands was caused. If the consumers could take out the identification report of the quality problem of the goods, they would be willing to bear the cost no matter how much, but now they are only willing to give appropriate compensation, and the basic amount is within the scope of medical expenses

as a consumer, Huang Xiaoyan said she couldn't accept it. She simulated the situation of opening the bottle at that time and took out the bottle that had been broken in two. The bottle cap was still connected with the bottleneck, indicating that there was a problem with the glass bottle cap

the municipal consumers' Association believes that Ms. Huang was injured under normal use, not caused by intentional beating or malicious damage to the product, which meets the conditions of inversion of proof in the general principles of the civil law, that is, the producer should prove that her product is qualified; At the same time, the consumer law stipulates that business operators should give clear warnings to consumers about goods that may endanger personal safety and the methods to prevent harm, while the relevant safety warnings are not made on the label of the bottled milk melon

on the basis of sorting out the facts and distinguishing them, the municipal consumers' Association communicated with the contradictory parties respectively according to the objective conditions such as the medical expenses paid by consumers and the income standard of urban employees in Haining last year, and finally prompted all parties to reach an agreement: the Hangzhou manufacturer should bear 3000 yuan, the Jiashan wholesaler and the Haining mall should bear 1000 yuan each, a total of 5000 yuan. Ms. Huang, the consumer, said she was satisfied, and the corresponding responsible persons gave it on the spot

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