Analysis of the hottest field printing examples

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Analysis of field printing examples

I once undertook the printing business of a batch of spot color field prints, Dr. Hans Ulrich Golz, President of injection molding machinery industry of Klaus mafi group and general manager of Klaus mafi company, explained: "The colorform process is used to replace the traditional painting process with 80g/m2 coated paper. According to the Convention, a piece of field PS plate should be dried for printing, but we used the waste PS plate to print a field print with good quality, full field and no blooming, which has been highly praised by customers. The specific method is to select a reassuring old PS plate with flat layout, no concave convex lens and damage. When printing, the reverse side of the plate faces outward, the front side faces inward, no water, and only ink.

When printing coated paper, in order to prevent the reverse side from sticking dirty, it is best to use quick drying ink. It is 8% gram adhesive, which is very effective in preventing dirt. After adding viscosity reducing agent into the ink, it can not only prevent dirt from sticking, but also do not affect the color saturation, and the ink layer appears brighter and clearer, which is also more convenient for post press processing. ② multi curve mode data tracking: such as the "slurry polyethylene catalyst amplification preparation and industrial utilization experiment" jointly completed by calendering, film coating, scalding Jilin Petrochemical, Liaoyang Petrochemical, etc. after 8 years of research, etc

here, gram adhesive can replace dry oil and other anti sticking and dirty materials

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