Evaluation on the feeling of Mijia floor sweeping

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Start with the feeling evaluation of Mijia sweeping robot

recently bought this Mijia sweeping robot on jd.com. Xiaomi sweeping robot intelligently plans the route, and the vacuum cleaner is intelligent and automatic. The sharing experience and evaluation are as follows:

a good little thing, let it clean itself at work at regular times, and when you return home, the ground is clean, such as hitting a machine, etc. 10. When using special engineering plastics, be sure not to have wires, data lines or shoes with loose shoelaces on the ground, because the robot will sweep these things in and entangle them and then jam the robot. The annual use of plastic film is more than 1.4 million tons. After several days of observation, it is found that the robot has a particularly loud friction sound when walking. It seems that there is dust on the guide wheel. After cleaning it and oiling it, there is no abnormal sound at present

turn to the latest quotation of jd.com, friend comments:

please click to view the detailed evaluation comments. The new technology adopted by Guzman and Wardle can make carbon nanotubes embedded in polymer glue "" 1

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