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What is the theme background of lubtop2018

what is the theme background of lubtop2018

www. according to the evaluation of downstream manufacturers, China Construction Machinery Information

at present, China's economic operation is stable and changing, the supply side structural reform continues to advance, and the task of reducing production capacity is completed on schedule, but the traditional development mode and growth mode of the lubricating oil industry are still difficult to adapt × The technology and environmental protection standards that should be continuously improved and the weakness of ecological environmental protection have become the key tasks for the industry to deepen the supply side structural reform

"lubtop2018 annual general evaluation list of China's lubricant industry, China's Lubricant Industry Summit Forum and automotive aftermarket excellence selection" (hereinafter referred to as: lubtop2018 general evaluation list) takes "green engine future smart win terminal" as the theme. It aims to advocate the brands of lubricants and automotive aftermarket, pay attention to the establishment and improvement of low-carbon, energy-saving, environmental protection and circular development production system, accelerate the construction of ecological civilization system, lift the heavy responsibility of industrial upgrading with green development, and lead the future of high-quality development of the industry; Through innovation driven, cross-border integration and enabling terminals, we can achieve win-win results in the industrial chain

The originally designed fully prestressed concrete bridge may become a partially prestressed concrete beam. Every product that strives to forge ahead adheres to the regular inspection plate of the universal experimental machine, so that China's lubricant industry and the automotive aftermarket will always maintain vitality and vigor, and the development of the industry will always have a solid foundation and inexhaustible power. We hope that the excellent and outstanding will eventually reap the "glory of the king"

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