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Microcomputer 3D CAD software evaluation report

I. background introduction

at present, most enterprises have different degrees of 3D CAD needs after getting rid of the drawing board. To this end, first of all, evaluate the microcomputer 3D CAD software, in order to help enterprises fully understand the 3D CAD software

the evaluation object is the microcomputer 3D CAD system. The products participating in the evaluation include solidworks2000 provided by Shengxin Shiwei Co., Ltd., inventorr2 of Autodesk company, gscad98 of Zhejiang Datian company, solidedgev8 of unigraphicssolutions company, intesolid98 of Tianyu company, and CAXA three-dimensional electronic drawing board 2000 of Beihang Haier software company. Solidworks2000, inventorr2 and solidedgev8 are foreign products

the hardware platforms used in this evaluation are: PIII500, 128M memory, elsagloriaii graphics card (64M memory), viewsonicg776 display

the software platform is windowsntworkstation4.0 (servicepack5.0) Chinese version

II. Evaluation items and results

1. Software installation and running environment

the six software participating in the evaluation are developed using windows technology, and can run stably on windows95/98, windownt, Windows2000 and other operating systems. Among them, solidworks2000 and solidedgev8 have fully obtained the official certification of Microsoft, and the certification of inventorr2 on Windows2000 has not been obtained, while domestic software usually only has the internal software testing of the company, and has not passed the official certification of Microsoft

for the hardware platform, the software has little difference, and it can run normally on the test platform we provide. Different software manufacturers also provide a recommended configuration, which generally requires running on systems with Pentium II, 64M memory and 200m hard disk. Among them, inventorr2 recommends using graphics cards with more than 4m, OpenGL and 1024x768, and solidedgev8 recommends using 128M memory and 64K color graphics cards

the installation process of all software is guided by the installation to rupture strength test machine, which prompts the user step by step. The installation process is very simple, and the total installation time is generally 2 ~ 6 minutes. After installation, it can be used without any configuration. Inventor2 needs to install Microsoft's ie5.0 and NetMeeting as support, and the corresponding software is all included in the product CD. At the same time, in order to improve the software performance, servicepack1, servicepack2 and servicepack3 need to be installed respectively. Servicepacks can be downloaded free from Autodesk's website

after the software is installed, the occupied hard disk space ranges from 50m to 300m, which generally includes applications, manuals, help and some product examples

solidworks2000, gscad98, intesolid98 and CAXA three-dimensional electronic drawings architectural curtain wall JG 3035 ⑴ 996 board 2000 adopts an all Chinese user interface, including help and user manual. Inventorr2 can download another installed Chinese environment from the Autodesk website, and the localization of solidedgev8 has not been completed

all the software participating in the evaluation adopted encryption measures, among which only inventorr2 adopted the soft encryption method of authorization code, and the other five software adopted software lock for encryption

2. product manuals and help documents

3D CAD systems are more complex than general 2D systems, and using 3D for design is not very familiar to many designers. Therefore, the software design manual, training tutorials and help documents are very important for designers to master the use of software as soon as possible

among the software participating in the evaluation, solidworks2000 has fully localized use tutorials and training manuals, and the help has also been fully localized. Among them, the use tutorials also provide an electronic version in PDF format. Solidedgev8 provides user manuals in English and help in HTML format, as well as tutorials containing dozens of examples. Inventorr2 is more distinctive. In addition to providing user manuals and help, it also provides a help tool with multimedia and animation display - design experts, which can prompt users to complete various operations step by step. Several domestic software gscad98, intesolid98 and CAXA three-dimensional electronic drawing board 2000 provide user manuals, learning tutorials and help

3. user interface

the user interface design of software is very important for the ease of use and operation of software. The software participating in the evaluation basically adopts the windows style interface design, including menus, toolbars, dialog boxes, pop-up menus, etc., which can customize the position of windows and toolbars. Solidworks2000, solidedgev8 and CAXA three-dimensional electronic drawing board 2000 can also flexibly set the content and appearance of menus and toolbars. Intesolid98 has designed a command window similar to AutoCAD style that can be opened and closed, which can be operated directly with various system commands. In addition, solidedgev8 uses a prompt bar to replace the dialog box

using the multi document technology in windows, you can open multiple files, such as parts, assemblies, engineering drawings, etc., in the same application when using the 2-element refrigeration system, support drag and drop operations between different documents, and simplify the operation process. Among the participating software, solidworks2000, inventorr2, gscad98, solidedgev8 and intesolid98 adopt multi document technology

now 3D CAD software has generally adopted the dynamic guidance technology. When the cursor is at some specific position, it can display different cursors and graphics according to the current command state, the type and relationship of geometric elements at the cursor position, and guide the designer to design. In engineering drawing design and sketch design, using dynamic guidance technology, we can automatically capture the key points of geometric elements, such as endpoints, midpoint, and the positional relationships between geometric elements, such as horizontal, vertical, tangent and so on. When dimensioning, we can intelligently identify different dimension types, such as linear dimension, angular dimension, diameter and so on. In 3D design, points, lines, faces and features on geometric entities near the cursor can be automatically recognized as the cursor moves, helping to quickly and accurately pick up various geometric elements

another interactive technology to improve design flexibility is dynamic drag and drop technology. In 2D design, various geometric elements in 2D graphics can be dragged dynamically, and the graphics can change dynamically according to the added dimensions and constraints. Some software in 3D design can be dynamic in the modeling process

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