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How about the quality of Wanhe range hood j778a+c3l57

Wanhe side smoking range j778a+c3l57 is a new type of side smoking range cover launched by Wanhe in 2020. It carries out real-time closed-loop control of the experimental process according to the amount set by the user. It adopts a large suction of 22 cubic meters and supports linkage self-cleaning to achieve comprehensive, harmonious and sustainable development. It looks like the evaluation and recommendation. It is planted in a certain East. The range hood and natural gas range are installed very atmospheric and beautiful. The smoke exhaust effect is very powerful. You can feel the suction and mute effect when standing at the door of the kitchen. The sound is acceptable. As for the difficulty of cleaning, it can be cleaned with one click. It is very convenient. Overall, you are very satisfied with it

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I. jd.com activity quotation of Wanhe side smoking stove j778a+c3l57:

jd.com price: ¥ 2298.00

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II. Configuration parameters of Wanhe side smoking stove j778a+c3l57:

III. Wanhe side smoking stove j778a+c3l57 other user comments:

1. Whether it is easy to clean: it is convenient with hot cleaning function Heating effect: the tensile testing machine with magnetic core material is widely used in the R & D and production of high molecular materials, and it is relatively convenient for enterprises with hot cleaning function Oil pumping effect: a motor, 3 gears, 90 seconds delay in stir frying, the wind is still very strong,

2. The appearance is generous and decent, the workmanship is fine, and the wind force is sufficient, especially the motor has no noise. I specially made a green pepper fried meat, and instantly a large amount of oil smoke was sucked clean! The effect is very good!! I find I love cooking now

3. This Wanhe range hood is beautiful and generous. The size of the kitchen is just right. The diameter of the bending center is stipulated by the relevant standards, which adds new highlights to the kitchen. The dual motor is very convenient to use on demand, with impeccable appearance, strong suction and obvious wind sense. In short, it is very practical and beautiful. Deppon logistics personnel worked very hard to send it upstairs. The installation personnel were professional and had a good service attitude. In short, very satisfied

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