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Owner's use evaluation: Xianke X200 hidden dash cam dual lens reverse image intelligent wireless WiFi

Xianke X200 hidden dash cam dual lens reverse image intelligent wireless WiFi high use lightweight materials to replace metal to achieve the purpose of weight reduction Qing 1080p

real hidden Sony lens WiFi wireless front and rear dual recording

share owner's feelings about using Xianke X200 hidden dash cam:

what I mean is experiment As an indicator of the strength of the car itself, the Audi model originally had a multi-functional rear-view mirror, which was tied too thick. After watching it for a long time, it may feel aesthetic fatigue, and many functions are not used. When I saw the Xianke model, I decided to change it. The advantage of the recorder is that it is small and hidden.. The app is easy to use. You can preview it without downloading it. All functions can be set on. The video is also good, especially the night vision effect. Like a recorder at the same price is much clearer Expand to view detailed evaluation introduction>

which of the above is good for spring fatigue testing machine? How the fatigue experiment is carried out? In addition, simply introduce the configuration parameters of Xianke X200 hidden dash cam:

Product Name: sast/Xianke X200

main lens aperture: f1.8

brand: sast/Xianke

model: X200

package: official standard configuration

image resolution: 1080p

camera pixels: 16million

camera pixels: 2million

number of cores: dual cores <

View Angle: 170 °

record Installation type of instrument: Mini stealth

running memory: 2GB

number of lenses: front and rear dual lenses

color classification: Black

screen size: no screen

function: night vision enhancement night vision fill light cycle video low light night vision

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