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Everyone in the automotive industry comes to find fault -- distinguish between Wei school vv5, vv6 and vv7

students who have dealt with Chinese homework and exams have done such a thing: simply change a few words and hand in what they have written before. The appearance design of the automotive industry seems to be a bit in this direction, but the original intention is not exactly the same. In the automotive industry, this "all alike" design is called a family style appearance, and many friends jokingly call it a "doll". Family style appearance can increase brand recognition and reduce the risk of failed design. Of course, it also brings some troubles to consumers: it is difficult to identify. One of the biggest victims is the car owner

several years ago, the media circles were talking about the "dolls" behavior of roast: all models of the series looked the same. This is not. A few years ago, an automotive media published such an article

moreover, this trend of "dolls" has been getting stronger in recent years

look at

and then look at

of course, Chinese car companies have not been left behind by this wave of trends, such as Wei school. Of course, compared with other car companies, several cars under Wei Pai are one of the most difficult to distinguish on the surface. Why? Because all cars are, and the size is not too different... When you encounter them, you can at least count the doors to distinguish and. Wei Pai? Count the car doors

many friends told me: I want to buy a Wei Pai, but I can't tell the difference between 6 and 7

OK! I'll help you distinguish it today! Don't get dizzy

first of all, let's briefly introduce the difference between the three cars. The larger the number, the larger the size, the higher the end, and the more expensive the car is. And are the two compact models of sports and household on the same compact car platform, while they are the medium-sized models of sports

mechanically speaking, compared with the contrast, there is almost nothing in common except that the power system adopts the 2.0t+7dct combination The platform used has been used for nearly ten years, but it is a newly developed model on the platform in recent years. Therefore, it will be better than and stronger in driving experience, comfort, silence and handling, and it has advantages in price

let me tell you a little story, which may make you clearer. Wei Pai had only two cars at first, and. The two models are big and small. Although they look very similar, they are completely different from the mechanical level. It's not just big size. It's full of housekeeping skills, but it doesn't have so many housekeeping skills

of course, you may think that maybe someone just wants to buy a bigger car, but is not willing to spend more money on those housekeeping skills? So there is. Generally speaking, we can regard it as large. Of course, it's not just the large size. There are still some differences compared with it, such as the addition of the 4WD system. At the same time, from the shape of and to the standard shape; Although it can improve a lot in space, it sacrifices appearance

not only is the mechanical structure different, these three cars are actually distinguishable from the appearance. Of course, the simplest way to distinguish the appearance is simply to look at the mark. But when the owner changes the logo to "pretend" a more advanced car, this method is no longer applicable; Or sometimes when a car passes quickly, you can't see the logo at all. Therefore, it is necessary to learn more about the ability to identify models

in fact, there are great differences among the three in terms of appearance details. For example, it is the only vehicle with four lenses for each lamp

except for the headlights, the shape of the D-pillar is different from that from the side: the trim strip extending from the window is near the roof

it is also the only one of the three vehicles whose rear-view mirror is not installed on the upper edge of the door

of course, it may be a little difficult to memorize these details. But we can also use another method to separate these three cars. Because it is basically a lengthened and heightened version, the length of both cars is 2680mm, while the length of the two cars is 2950mm. So if you see a Wei Pai, the front and rear wheels are very far away, it is likely to be

and because it is the only car with a different shape, the "heightening" of is also very easy to identify. From 1638mm to 1702mm, higher than 1655mm, so if you see a relatively tall Wei Pai on the road, it is likely to be. In fact, as long as you remember that it is basically higher, you won't surround yourself

in addition to the appearance, there are also big or small differences in the interior of the three vehicles. Work together with the Chinese Academy of Sciences to jointly build the engineering technology research center

there are great differences between home style and sports style. First of all, the steering wheels of and belong to three flat bottomed steering wheels, which look more sporty, while the shape of the steering wheel of is the four steering wheels

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