At the end of recent years, epoxy resin rose by 12

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Near the end of the year, epoxy resin soared by 1200 yuan/ton, and epichlorohydrin soared by 2000 yuan/ton

near the end of the year, epoxy resin soared by 1200 yuan/ton, and epichlorohydrin soared by 2000 yuan/ton

December 30, 2019

I. market status

last week, the epoxy resin market rose sharply as a whole, the price of liquid resin rose for two consecutive weeks, with an average rise of 1000 yuan/ton per week, the raw material bisphenol a rose slightly and steadily, and epichlorohydrin soared again by nearly 2000 yuan/ton. Let's have a look at the specific situation of last week ~

II. Market Overview

bisphenol a:

as of last Friday, the price of bisphenol a continued to rise, The negotiated price reference in East China market is around yuan/ton, and the negotiated price reference in North China market is 10100 yuan/ton, with an average increase of 200 yuan/ton. There is no major change in the unit. South Asia and Sinopec three wells are operating at full load. About 70% of Changchun and Nantong Xingchen are under construction, and Huizhou Zhongxin has a stable load. On the whole, 70% of the unit is under construction. As the new year approaches, the downstream epoxy resin plant may fall behind due to the rise of dual raw materials. At present, it maintains a rigid demand for the main coating


last week, the epichlorohydrin market continued to rise. As of last Friday, the mainstream negotiated price reference in East China and Huangshan markets was yuan/ton (delivered by acceptance), and the mainstream negotiated price reference in Shandong market was yuan/ton (delivered by acceptance), up nearly 2000 yuan/ton. Shandong Binhua 75000 T/a plant was shut down for maintenance around December 20, and it is expected to restart in the near future. Hengyang Jiantao 50000 T/a plant operated at low load, and Ningbo Huanyang 60000 T/a plant shut down on November 15. The production enterprises still focus on the delivery of early-stage orders, and the shortage of spot supply has not been alleviated. With the soaring price, the downstream is more resistant to high priced raw materials. It is understood that the raw materials for orders of solid resin factories before the Spring Festival are basically purchased

epoxy resin: the synchronization of the two thrust cylinders is ensured by the synchronous oil circuit of the synchronous valve in the hydraulic system.

the parts that are most prone to problems are fixtures, electromechanical, sheet metal and sensors

the market price of epoxy resin rose sharply last week. As of last Friday, the negotiated price of East China liquid resin was 2040 yuan/ton (accepted and delivered) with the development of aircraft manufacturing technology, up 1200 yuan/ton from the previous week, Huangshan District solid epoxy resin negotiation price in yuan/ton (acceptance delivery). During the week, both raw materials rose, and the epichlorohydrin rose explosively. Supported by the cost, the price adjustment of epoxy resin enterprises rose, but the downstream had no strong intention of purchasing at high prices. In terms of devices, the overall start-up load changed little last week, with the start-up load of Jiangsu large factory at about 50%. In addition, with the Lunar New Year approaching, the liquid plant in China's plastic extruder market has also made great progress and breakthroughs. In the contract negotiation stage in 2020, the Huangshan solid device started work stably, mainly consuming early-stage inventory raw materials, and mainly delivering orders

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