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At the end of the century, sellers will change to multi-color offset printing market (middle)

the market of sheet fed multi-color offset printing machine will grow steadily

Heidelberg business representative: users not only pay attention to product quality, but also pursue high efficiency and maximum economic benefits. This requires the printing machine to ensure high printing quality, at the same time, high speed, and try to reduce the printing auxiliary time and improve the degree of automation, such as adding automatic version change, automatic cleaning blanket, automatic paper delivery, etc. In the past, prepress, printing and Postpress were completely independent, and each part of the operation could only be carried out separately, which had many shortcomings. Therefore, the integration progress of prepress, printing and post printing is accelerating. For example, now there is a color space management system that connects prepress, printing and post printing, so that the final color of the printed matter can be truly seen before the performance of the composite material can be maintained

in the future, the domestic printing market will not rise and fall, and its quality is related to the national economy. To some extent, printing, as a service industry, can reflect the economic situation of a country. At present, China's national economy is stable with shortcomings, but in the long run, development is inevitable, and the printing industry will take the lead

Zhang Jianfa: today, with the coexistence of various printing forms, the dominant offset printing will continue to maintain its advantages, because with the continuous maturity of offset printing technology, the degree of automation of equipment is higher and higher, and the control is more perfect. In the future, sheet fed paper can almost Forever adhere to the mold appearance in a clean form. Offset printing machines will continue to develop to networking management on the original basis, and add new special functions. Judging from the current domestic situation, the first choice of the printing factory is the offset press, and the market demand for four start-up will also increase greatly, especially the printing machine with turnover mechanism. Some large-scale packaging and printing plants have a certain demand for full sheet machines for special flexible sources

Wang Lianbiao: at present, the domestic packaging and printing market is growing, and the market of sheet fed multicolor offset printing machine will be better and better. For book printing plants, four-color machines are enough, but in the field of magazine and advertising printing, sheet fed offset printing machines will develop in the direction of multi-color and online processing. For example, Shanghai bump color printing factory has a KBA offset press with 9 units, including 6 printing color groups, 2 glazing units and 1 drying device. It is expected that in recent years, the domestic market will have more demand for power on, followed by the fourth power on. As for the supporting devices of the machine, the requirements of domestic users are not very high, and most of them are the following: Central size pre adjustment, non-stop paper feeding and receiving, diagonal alignment and automatic version adjustment, blanket cleaning, etc. In short, the market prospect of sheet fed offset press is broad, but whether the tariff policy changes is our concern

Guo Xuan: the development trend of the market is closely related to the needs of customers and the situation of economic development. At present, compared with the international printing market, the domestic printing market is not well integrated. With the vigorous development of the packaging industry, the continuous emergence of high-end books and magazines, and the rapid growth of the demand for short version color printing, manufacturers will introduce products that will be more targeted and will not be started right now. At present, the proportion of power on in China is much higher than that of the fourth power on, while in Europe, the sales volume of the fourth power on is very large. It is an inevitable trend for the development of printing industry to configure corresponding equipment according to the structure of products. In the future, four-color machine will be the minimum choice for users. More users will consider five color machine and six color machine, with overturning mechanism, UV glazing and other auxiliary equipment. At present, a Xinhua printing factory in Jiangsu Province has bought an offset press with glazing, making its product structure develop in a diversified direction. In the future, domestic users should consider how to choose models and how to adapt to the product structure from various aspects and channels

Ma Xufeng: the market of sheet fed offset press will not be affected and impacted by flexographic press and web offset press. The current printing pattern will be maintained for a long time. In the future, the sheet fed offset press will develop in the direction of multi-color (more than four colors), high quality, high automation, simplicity, intuition and easy operation. Today, with the rapid development of technology and the frequent replacement of products, enterprises should build printing plants with the vision of development and dialectical thinking, and choose appropriate models and supporting equipment. At present, the quality of domestic operators needs to be improved. The quality of operators directly affects the application ability, adaptability and maintenance of the machine, thus affecting the development of the printing market and the whole printing industry

newspaper printing machine is the mainstream in imported web offset press

Wu Xinxin (representative of the Beijing Representative Office of German MAN Roland printing machinery Co., Ltd.): MAN Roland's newspaper printing machine mainly has 7 series, of which 6 series have users in China, with a speed of 36000-150000 copies/hour. There are four series of pure web commercial machines, with the speed of 40000-80000 copies/hour. The semi commercial web printing machine is composed of a newspaper printing machine and a drying device. At present, MAN Roland has 65 customers and 236 production lines in China, including 4 pure commercial production lines, 2 semi commercial production lines, and the rest are newspaper printing production lines. Uniset series with single width and large roller is the most widely sold in China. Shanghai Xinmin Evening News Agency has 14 uniset production lines, which is the manufacturer with the largest number of this kind of web offset press production lines in China at present. The people's news agency has two geoman production lines, Beijing News Agency has two, and Nanjing Xinhua news agency has one. Guangzhou club has two coloman production lines. There are three ECOMAN production lines for the military community

Zhao Ping (general manager of Heidelberg rotary offset printing and flexo equipment department): at present, Heidelberg company has about a dozen kinds of web commercial offset printing machines, and the main ones sold in China are V-30, M130 and M600. The M600 has sold 170 sets all over the world, and Shenzhen Zhonghua business union printing Co., Ltd. has one set, which is mainly used for printing color periodicals. Shanghai printing group also ordered M130 and M600 at the beginning of this year, which are expected to be put into production at the end of this year

Wang Lianbiao: there are currently 10 kinds of Web newspaper offset printing machines of gaobao company. KBA comet single width, large cylinder offset printing machine has its first user in China - China Youth Daily. They will use comet to print color newspapers, and it is expected to be put into production next autumn. The machine adopts shaftless transmission technology and is composed of four eight color tower units. The whole machine has four towers and 32 motors in total. Gaobao half peach prayer? There are 8 kinds of pure commercial machines. The market price is about 6million German marks, equivalent to 20million-30million yuan

Gu Xinbin (business representative of Weichang Yanghang printing equipment Co., Ltd.): when the oil level height of Hong Kong Weichang printer is less than 2/3 of the cylinder depth, it should be replaced immediately. Yanghang Co., Ltd. is the general agent of Sweden sang3. The indentation outline is clear to take the rotary offset press in mainland China, Hong Kong SAR, Taiwan Province and Macao, responsible for the sales and maintenance services of sauna machines. Sauna advanced commercial rotary printing machines have been installed and used in more than 600 sets of rotary machines in Hong Kong and more than 200 sets in mainland China, mainly including C800 and D600 models

the main customers of C800 high-speed commercial rotary printing machine with drying equipment are commercial printing plants. D600 advanced commercial rotary printing machine can be equipped with drying system, which can print paper, offset paper and coated paper, and the configuration is flexible. (to be continued)

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