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In the middle of the year, the meeting laid out two major plans to speed up the hybrid reform of electricity

under the background of the accelerated implementation of the reform of oil, gas and power systems and the reform of state-owned enterprises, the reform of hybrid ownership in the energy sector is actively advancing. At the mid year work conference held by Sinopec, State Grid and Nanfang power, the promotion of the mixed tax reform will be one of the key tasks in the second half of the year. CNOOC and the state are actively studying and formulating the mixed ownership reform plan, which is expected to be introduced within the year. The pilot of mixed reform in the field of oil and gas is expected to be promoted in the second half of the year. Industry insiders pointed out that in the second half of the year, the mixed reform of central energy enterprises will be further accelerated, and it is expected that there will be major moves in oil and gas exploration and production, sales, and the incremental allocation and liberalization of power enterprises

oil and gas enterprises promote mixed ownership reform

according to Sinopec officials, Wang Yupu, chairman of Sinopec Group, said at the 2017 mid year working meeting of the group company a few days ago that he would spare no effort to promote the reform and promote the mixed ownership reform of sales companies. We should really establish a modern enterprise system and reform the system and mechanism, especially the three systems, to fully stimulate vitality and improve efficiency

on July 27, Wang Yilin, chairman of PetroChina, pointed out at the 2017 leading cadre meeting of PetroChina that we should continue to deepen the reform of market-oriented mechanism, including promoting the marketization of internal product and service prices, actively participating in the marketization of oil and gas pipeline operation, attracting diversified investment, participating in the construction of oil and gas pipelines and other infrastructure, and promoting fair opening-up. In the second half of the year, we should concentrate on comprehensively completing the reform of the corporate system, continue to promote professional restructuring, and actively and steadily promote the reform of mixed ownership

recently, PetroChina officials released an article entitled "substantial steps have been taken in the reform of mixed ownership of PetroChina", which revealed that PetroChina has formulated and issued the "guiding opinions on the reform of mixed ownership of group companies" and completed 50 joint venture and cooperation projects by classification and stratification. At the same time, strategic investors were actively introduced to participate in the stock market, and PetroChina engineering and PetroChina capital restructuring were successfully listed; Actively explore a new mode of integrated development between enterprises and local governments, and carry out joint ventures and cooperation with local governments in Xinjiang, Sichuan, Shaanxi and other places, as well as central enterprises, foreign enterprises and social capital in the fields of oil and gas exploration and exploitation, oil refining and chemical industry, refined oil sales and other fields. In the next step, PetroChina will continue to promote the reform of mixed ownership from the aspects of selecting materials that can reflect the excellent performance of automobiles, improving the enterprise's equity structure, governance structure and business mechanism

Yang Hua, chairman of CNOOC, requested that the key points of the reform work of the SASAC in 2017 be implemented as soon as possible according to the work plan, especially the reform tasks of actively promoting classified reform, mixed ownership reform, corporate system reform and so on. CNOOC can take greater steps to develop the reform of mixed ownership. For businesses that are out of the market and are not highly related to the main business, they can be restructured into joint-stock enterprises in one step. The post bonus incentive of state-owned scientific and technological enterprises meets the relevant national reform requirements, and the conditions for the implementation of the reform are ripe. We should strengthen the promotion of the company's reform and make full use of the reform policies.

this is because polymers are composed of long-chain elements.

through the mixed ownership reform, we should cultivate more qualified enterprises, increase investment in talent development, and mobilize the enthusiasm, initiative and creativity of all kinds of talents, Stimulate the vitality of various elements

Li Jin, executive director of the China Enterprise Research Institute, believes that from the perspective of the mid year meeting of petroleum and petrochemical enterprises, the mixed reform has become one of the priorities of the second half of the year. It is expected that the mixed reform of oil and gas enterprises will be included in the third batch of pilot projects for the mixed reform of central enterprises, and at least one of the three major oil companies will be included in the pilot projects. In the second half of the year, there will be major moves to liberalize the upstream and downstream of the oil and gas exploration and production and sales sectors, and subsequent corresponding supporting measures will also be introduced in succession

Peng Jianguo, Secretary General of the central enterprise think tank alliance, believes that since the oil and gas industry is related to national strategy and the national economy and people's livelihood, the mixed reform is relatively a difficulty and a focus of social attention. Now deepening the reform is to gradually solve these difficult problems, and there should be some progress in the second half of the year

the speed-up of the two major electric hybrid transformation

from July 17 to 18, China Southern Electric Power Company held a 2017 mid year working meeting to stop loading when the specimen was obviously deformed after 2 yielding. The meeting proposed that in the second half of the year, we will spare no efforts to promote the reform of various reforms and make new breakthroughs, actively promote the reform of transmission and distribution electricity price, incremental distribution, mixed ownership, power marketization and corporate system, and accelerate the securitization of competitive enterprises

as the largest power enterprise in China, Guodian is also actively promoting the mixed reform. The 2017 mid year working conference held by the State Grid recently proposed to further deepen the reform of the power system, adhere to the direction of market-oriented reform and the general idea of "controlling the middle and liberalizing the two ends", thoroughly implement the requirements of the national power system reform Symposium on "four orderly acceleration, four norms and four strengthening", and work hard on the implementation of policies and projects. We will further promote the reform of state-owned assets and state-owned enterprises. Pay close attention to the implementation of the company's implementation plan for comprehensively deepening reform, strengthen the reform of mixed ownership, deepen the reform of three internal systems, and establish a flexible and efficient incentive and restraint mechanism

previously, Guodian proposed that it would carry out incremental distribution investment business in the form of mixed ownership, take provincial power companies as the main investors, cooperate with qualified social capital to establish a mixed ownership power supply company, and strive to become the owner of pilot projects by participating in bidding and other market-oriented methods. For the mixed ownership power supply companies invested and controlled by the State Grid Corporation of China, we should do a good job in information disclosure and protect the legitimate rights and interests of various shareholders

market space is expected to open

Dai Kang, a researcher at Huatai Securities, believes that the current oil and gas reform has entered the deep-water area, and the policy has been brewing for a long time. Combined with the reform of state-owned enterprises, it will fundamentally complete the reconstruction of the industrial chain and the reform of the oil and gas system. This round of oil and gas reform will involve the whole industrial chain and open up a trillion yuan market space. First, the upstream exploration and development has introduced private capital to activate the market, and private oil services have risen; Second, the midstream hybrid reform will boost the independence of the management, and private enterprises are expected to share the market of 100 billion yuan; Third, downstream refining and chemical enterprises benefited from the liberalization of crude oil imports, and gas operators benefited from independent management

Industrial Securities believes that China's power industry has a high degree of monopoly, and market-oriented reform is imperative, and the power industry will be the focus of this round of mixed reform. Among the first batch of "6+1" pilot projects for the mixed reform of central enterprises, three enterprises are power enterprises, reflecting the important position of the power industry in deepening the reform of state-owned enterprises. In this round of mixed power reform, the core content of mixed power reform is to liberalize the monopoly of distribution and power sales market through mixed power reform, and incremental distribution is the key point in mixed power reform. Distribution reform will open up trillion yuan of new market space

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