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Pile machinery department golden period rotary drill starts high-end competition

pile machinery department golden period rotary drill starts high-end competition

China Construction machinery information

Guide: Shi yin4, Secretary General of pile machinery branch of China Construction Machinery Industry Association Displacement (deformation) measurement range and accuracy: 0 ⑴ 000mm; The accuracy is better than ± 0.1mm (can be increased), fan told China industry news on January 7 that now the local brands of China's pile machinery basically occupy the domestic market. After years of efforts, in addition to some parts and components need to be introduced from abroad, the technology of local brands has been in line with the international level

Shi Yinfan, Secretary General of the piling machinery branch of China Construction Machinery Industry Association, told China industry news on January 7 that now the local brands of piling machinery in China have basically occupied the domestic market. After years of efforts, in addition to some parts that need to be imported from abroad, the technology of local brands has been in line with the international level

he also said that China's rotary drilling rigs have gradually developed from medium-sized products to miniaturization and large-scale

to meet their own needs and even the needs of the world. Experts predict that driven by the construction of high-speed railway, China's pile machinery enterprises are in a golden period of development, and the industry will grow at a rate of 20% per year, especially the growing market demand for rotary drilling rigs

benefit from railway construction

"China is entering an unprecedented period of high-speed railway construction, and national key projects such as high-speed railway are the main driving force to drive the sales of pile drivers", said hehuawu, chief engineer of the Ministry of Railways and academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering. He said that in 2012, China's railway business mileage will reach more than 110000 kilometers, including 13000 kilometers of new high-speed railway

in 2010, piling machinery enterprises can be seen everywhere in high-speed railway projects

at the beginning of last year, several high-speed rail projects were started, and Xuzhou group, Sany Heavy Industry Co., Ltd., Shanhe intelligent and other enterprises won the bid and participated in the construction

XCMG Basic Machinery Co., Ltd. held a grand handover ceremony of xr360 rotary drilling rig at the construction site of Hefei cross belt Expressway Bridge undertaken by China Railway fourth Bureau in January, 2010

in the same period, Shanhe intelligent s unexpected market ldquo; False fire rdquo; Wdm22 rotary drilling rig successfully completed the 10th pile test pile in wolongtun, Daqing, Heilongjiang, which is 40.2 meters long

in May of the same year, at the construction site of the middle bridge section of Xinjiang ulabo army of the second double track high-speed railway of Lanzhou Xinjiang Railway, the Shanhe intelligent swdm25-s rotary drilling rig successfully drilled into the slightly weathered rock layer with a depth of more than 20 meters

in March 2010, the tunnel connection ceremony of Nongye East Road Station of Zhengzhou Metro Line 1 was successfully held. In this project, many Yutong heavy industry rotary drilling rigs participated in the construction. More than ten days later, a ytr260 rotary drilling rig of the company was ready to "marry" and participated in the construction project of Hefei South Ring high-speed railway. In the same month, another ytr200 was delivered to the construction site of Baotou Xi'an high-speed railway

in the same period, the 2r250b rotary drilling rig independently developed by Zoomlion was introduced into the municipal engineering construction for the first time to help the construction of Hengyang overpass

in addition, as a leading enterprise of construction machinery, Beijing Sany Heavy Machinery SR360 rotary drilling rig participated in the construction of Anqing Yangtze River Bridge section

overseas market recovery

the domestic high-speed rail market has rapidly driven the development of pile machinery enterprises. At the same time, the demand of overseas market is also gradually increasing

as the financial crisis gradually subsides, many countries have introduced "economic packages" to stimulate economic recovery. For example, Malaysia has put the construction of two high-speed rail projects on the agenda. In addition, the full launch of the China ASEAN free trade area last year has also brought great opportunities for the export of China's construction machinery products

after five rounds of hard negotiations in Jakarta, Changsha, Shanghai and Kuala Lumpur, Zoomlion overseas's Southeast Asia regional Indonesia office successfully signed a sales contract for four sets of zr160a rotary drill products in late August last year, which is the largest export order of rotary drill products won by Zoomlion overseas and the piling machinery division of earthwork machinery company so far

Sany's SR360 rotary drilling rig achieved export for the first time. It is reported that after Malaysia, Beijing pile driver signed an order with a Korean customer for an SR360

in addition, the second batch of piling equipment of Shanhe intelligent was sent to India. So far, the first batch of orders for more than 10 piling equipment exported to India in 2010 have been delivered. "Shanhe smart" brand will fully participate in and promote the rapid development of urban construction in India

rotary drilling rig takes the high-end route

from the perspective of the products mainly promoted by pile machinery enterprises in 2010, rotary drilling rig has become the most dazzling new star. If the microcomputer has strong functions and can print directly, the competition in this market is becoming more and more intense

in the past, there were many manufacturers of rotary drilling rigs and other products, with little product difference, and adverse competition was easy to occur among enterprises. Since 2010, in order to occupy a place in the market, rotary drilling rig enterprises have launched independent innovative products to win the market with high-end products

Shi Yinfan said, "taking the large tonnage and high-end route has become the focus of the development of many enterprises."

at present, Shanhe intelligent has displayed a total of 12 new products, each of which is based on high-end, innovative and green. Among the 12 new products, "large diameter drilling while drilling and pipe following drill" and "double power head cover screw drill" are the first ones in China, filling the technical gap in China's pile machinery industry and improving the competitiveness of Chinese brands in the international market

recently, Beijing CSR times locomotive and Rolling Stock Machinery Co., Ltd. held a new product on-site press conference and signing ceremony in Shanghai, and the tr500c, the largest rotary drilling rig in Asia, achieved its first sale

on July 28, 2010, the second generation of pile foundation construction equipment of Beijing Sany Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. was offline

compared with the first generation products, the second generation rotary drilling rig has the characteristics of higher efficiency, more stable operation performance and high intelligent configuration

high intelligence is a highlight of the second generation rotary drilling rig. One machine with two screens, global positioning and remote expert fault diagnosis module can not only monitor various data of the engine in real time, but also automatically diagnose system faults and alarm, guide the remote connection engineers, and allocate after-sales service resources in real time

in addition, the market of small rotary drills is also noteworthy

since 2010, CSR Beijing times and Sany Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. have implemented the strategy of "one large and one small", with special emphasis on technological breakthroughs in small rotary drilling rigs. According to statistics, the pile foundation quantity of general industrial and civil buildings with small pile diameter and shallow pile hole depth accounts for more than 65% of the total pile foundation engineering quantity, while the pile foundation quantity of bridge piles and other single piles with high bearing requirements only accounts for about 30%

at present, few local enterprises regard the fields with torque less than 100 kn m as the development focus. Japan, a country that attaches great importance to resource utilization, has a very high proportion of small rotary drilling rigs. It is for this reason that there are many second-hand small rotary drilling rigs imported from Japan. This field will become another new profit growth point after the development of large machinery

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