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In the 2012 cloud computing summit, yunrongxin advocated the road of IDC business transformation

on September 6, 2012, the China Cloud Computing summit was officially held in Beijing. Several well-known enterprise leaders in the cloud computing industry who attended the summit elaborated on the current situation, development and opportunities of cloud computing in China

among them, Wei Ming, deputy general manager of zhongyun Rongxin, a famous service provider in the IAAs platform field in the cloud computing industry, gave a wonderful speech on how IDC companies can better promote cloud computing to commercial applications. The following is the content of the speech

Wei Ming, deputy general manager of zhongyun Rongxin: Hello, everyone. I'm glad to share our introduction and ideas on cloud computing with you today. Speaking of cloud computing, we are not unfamiliar with the word, but its meaning and what it can help us are still in a vague stage. To discuss the benefits of cloud computing, we need to speak from three perspectives. First, from the perspective of traditional IDC services

servers used by traditional IDC service providers will have low profits, In other words, its products finally use a kind of technology called stereolithography (stereolithography has little gross profit. Although there are a large number of servers in the data center, it still cannot avoid the waste of idle resources, which leads to the rise of market costs. Now, in the face of the rapid development of the market, the disadvantages of traditional IDC technology are gradually exposed: ultra-low return on investment, single business model, low profit margin, resource shortage, high power cost, fierce homogenization competition, lack of core competitiveness Products and so on, these drawbacks are approaching the traditional IDC service provider step by step like the enemy

second, look at the market based on the needs of customers. At present, the development of science and technology is very fast. Take it as an analogy, now it has gradually risen from simply connecting more than 10 aviation related enterprises in our city, such as Nanshan aluminum and 513 Institutes of China Aerospace Science and technology group, to functions similar to computers. At the same time, customers' demand is also rising. In the face of increasingly high product requirements, the traditional service mode once again exposes its defects, which is caused by customers' complaints: low storage utilization Insufficient disaster recovery capacity, difficult operation and maintenance, single point of failure, long deployment cycle, high relocation costs, unable to expand rapidly 5 Finally, from the perspective of the market, the Internet industry is no longer the original portal world, and has undergone earth shaking changes not only in terms of industry, but also in terms of functions. Now the network is full of information: forums, microblogs, blogs, network literature, music, recruitment stations, group purchases, software downloads, etc The complexity of industry categories also poses a severe challenge to the capabilities of IDC providers

to sum up, looking at the market from three perspectives, I can say without hesitation that we are now facing unprecedented risks and opportunities

why do I say danger and opportunity rather than crisis? Although we are facing many challenges now, we still have opportunities to further develop. So what development do we rely on? The answer is cloud computing, the theme of our meeting today. IDC providers must rely on cloud computing for transformation to survive

then, how to transform IDC companies requires four steps: resource integration, virtualization, platform control, and scale commerce. First of all, the integration of resources and virtualization is the foundation of development. On this basis, we will carry out platform control and scale business. However, there are still barriers to transformation. The unskilled level of cloud computing technology has led to the lack of talents, the scarcity of technical service providers, and the lack of R & D teams and practical experience. In this case, we can provide IDC companies with mature platforms and commercial operation solutions and experience

we have always positioned ourselves as a provider of cloud computing IAAs technology services. We came into contact with cloud computing in 2008, when it was just introduced into China. At that time, we thought that cloud computing, as the bud of new IT technology, must be a huge domestic market. So we began to set up a research and development team, organize and integrate various foreign cloud computing technologies, develop the underlying architecture, and conduct hundreds of experiments on different architectures, and successfully become one of the first enterprises in China that can have the ability to deploy cloud computing clusters

in 2010, we officially deployed the cloud computing cluster and launched version 1.0 of the smart cloud platform, providing users with free testing. At the same time, different data pressure and i/o performance tests are carried out for users, the cluster configuration and resource scheduling system are adjusted to meet the needs of most customers, and the structure is optimized for specific users

today, we have completed a complete set of IAAs solutions. Through our smart cloud platform, users can independently open, manage and renew their own virtual machines. Today, we have deployed nine cluster nodes in Beijing, Guangzhou, Tianjin, Chongqing and Hong Kong, which have become unified security protection, resource scheduling and allocation, and mutual disaster recovery

after integrating resources and establishing a business model, we built our smart cloud platform version 3.0, and further built our public cloud business on this platform, including virtual machine, cloud storage and cloud load. At the same time, private cloud and hybrid cloud businesses can be hosted on this platform, and third-party PAAS based services can be provided

so we have come all the way. Facing the future high-speed development of cloud computing market, we have the core competitiveness to win this market. I can summarize our competitiveness from three aspects. The first point is accumulation. After five years of exploration and precipitation, we have accumulated rich and valuable experience in setbacks; The second point is to understand that we have a keen insight into the cloud computing industry and a correct forward-looking vision and thinking that have been verified step by step; The last point is our purely public welfare research results, including smart cloud management platform, cloud computing data centers deployed on a large scale nationwide, and mature products based on IAAs platform

with continuous exploration and progress, the cloud computing solutions we provide for IDC can help them make a magnificent transformation to cloud computing. Our solution provides three levels of solutions: bottom building solutions, intelligent control platform solutions, and business application solutions. The intelligent platform includes the member center management function and the background management function. The member center management function is user-oriented, while the management background function is for manufacturers. In the traditional way, users need to contact the pre-sale, then contact the filing, transfer and other cumbersome processes to open the host. Now users can realize the one click management of purchase, opening and renewal through the member center function of the management platform, which greatly facilitates the operation and accelerates the efficiency of the user enterprise

in addition, our platform also launched an agent platform for agents. Through this platform, agents can have their own platform and management system, truly realize their own cloud products, and help agents better expand their channel range. I think this should be what every agent wants. So, at present, our agent can call our data from our zhongyun Rongxin cloud resource pool through API interface to build its own agent platform, which is similar in function to the intelligent platform we apply, and produces the same benefits to users

finally, we have a white paper on the technology of zhongyun Rongxin smart cloud platform, which also describes the characteristics and strength of our smart cloud platform and our technology in the industry. If you are interested, welcome to our website to discuss the industry experience with us

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